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I have lived in Wrexham all my life and went to Wrexham schools and then Manchester University where I studied Management Sciences. I then trained to be a Chartered Accountant which will help me get Wrexham people better public services at lower cost.

The Wrexham people deserve better:
●  Energy prices are too high which is damaging our competitiveness. 

●  It really is rip off Britain. 

●  Many people are struggling and have to choose between eating and heating. 

●  We need to stimulate our economy regain our competitiveness and create well paid high 
skilled jobs for young people so they can have a decent life. 

●  Stop the wars young people are needlessly losing their lives for profit. Politicians sons 
and daughters are never sent to fight them. We want peace and negotiation. No more 
money to be sent to Ukraine it is the most corrupt country on earth. 

●  Say no to Net Zero. India and China are being allowed to build as many coal fired power 
stations as they like which will result in low cost electricity (a tenth of the price of ours) whereas we are being forced to have impractical and highly expensive wind turbines and solar cells. 

●  We need to leave the WEF (World Economic Forum), the Paris Climate Accord and the tyrannical World Health Organisation. 

●  No tax on the first £20,000 of income 

●  Zero VAT on energy bills 

●  Return the boats immediately to France. 

●  No more Lockdowns ever. 

●  No vaccine passports. Total freedom of the individual no compulsion ever. Our bodies 
our choice. 

●  We need an urgent enquiry into excess deaths. 

●  Stop the Marxist, Woke and identity politics agenda 

●  We want a complete Brexit. We want both Northern Ireland and our Fishing Industry 

Yours sincerely, Charles Dodman 

Wrexham Constituency Map

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Wrexham constituency map

Wrexham Constituency Information

Electorate: 70,870


1 Acton and Maesydre

2 Bangor Is-y-Coed

3 Borras Park

4 Bronington and Hanmer

5 Brymbo

6 Bryn Cefn

7 Brynyffynnon

8 Cartrefle

9 Coedpoeth

10 Erddig

11 Garden Village

12 Gresford East and West

13 Grosvenor

14 Gwenfro

15 Gwersyllt East

16 Gwersyllt North

17 Gwersyllt South

18 Gwersyllt West

19 Hermitage

20 Holt

21 Little Acton

22 Llay

23 Marchwiel

24 Marford and Hoseley

25 Minera

26 New Broughton

27 Offa

28 Overton and Maelor South

29 Queensway

30 Rhosnesni

31 Rossett

32 Smithfield

33 Stansty

34 Whitegate

35 Wynnstay

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