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My name is Colin Wright, have lived in Crowthorne / Sandhurst since 1979 and witnessed many changes and challenges throughout that time in the area. My parents worked locally in Broadmoor for many years and I am close to this area having been born in Norther Ireland. My wife was born in Wokingham and the children, David and Keelin locally at Frimley.

Career wise I have set up the European operations of many IT Software companies and spent a lot of my time over past 20 years in European countries most weeks.

I guess, like many prospective Reform UK voters we have been left politically homeless by the two major parties, many of us would have been Conservatives who have appeared to have abandoned any genuine Conservative policies. Reform has a truly Conservative manifesto that I believe relates to the majority of UK voters and we need to start to breakdown the 2 party aspect that gives all of us as voters no clear view of any differentiation between the two.

The aftermath of the 2016 referendum was dismal, the first in my adult life and to see the politicians try to overturn at every opportunity saddened me that voters were treated with such disdain, whatever anyone’s thoughts of the result, democracy has to be put first.

Our current Government has squandered all goodwill, ignoring their members and voters, and presenting Labour with an open goal, but one that the normal voter won’t notice any difference, changes occur in every life and context, by having true competition from other more current support political topics can the electorate truly be reflected in a changing UK.

I’m a huge supporter of change in every context, that old saying of “doing things same way for years and expecting different results” spurs me on and seems so apt to our current UK Governing parties.

Wokingham is an area I have spent most of my adult life in and around, both work and pleasure, an area that has changed hugely and as a strong Conservative base it would perhaps be an area that feels let down by the Government. In John Redwood the area does have a true Conservative MP, one that looks very isolated in the current party? If we could achieve a point where we elect One, Two, Three MPs then with stamina and momentum/energy we can really start to make inroads to affect positive change and momentum.

Wokingham is an affluent area, there is no argument to that and perhaps a little stronger than many other areas, however the issues that are important will be identified by the electorate. I would never presume to know every issue of the Town and area, but would give 100% time and commitment to assist with the most compelling and identified electorate issues that arise, giving a voice to every single person who needs it, or wants it.

Wokingham Constituency Map

Wokingham Constituency Map

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