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Richard was born near Hastings on the south coast of England where a passion for the natural world at an early age led to him studying geology at university and to a career as a geoscientist in the global oil and gas industry. He now lives with his family on the outskirts of Chobham village, just to the north of Woking.

New to politics, Richard finally made the decision to stand once the gradual morphing of the two-party system into a single mindset became palpable. Uncontrolled mass immigration, high taxation, low growth and big state/state interference are now endorsed on both sides of the political divide.

Furthermore, a total failure to address the ‘woke’ agenda which has taken root across society, eroding freedom of speech, re-writing our history, threatening our culture - indeed, our very identity as a nation - can only be interpreted as endorsement of its objectives. Add a ‘coalition of groupthink’ on Net Zero to the mix and incalculable economic damage is inevitable without a rapid change of direction.

Richard is a staunch advocate of informed decision-making based on free, open and honest debate, supported by all available data and ensuring the full spectrum of views are heard. This is the path to wisdom, enabling humanity to address the great issues of our time. He is also a great believer in good governance, recognising that reform of many public institutions is needed to ensure authority is vested appropriately, with effective oversight, to minimise unfavourable outcomes - Woking Borough Council’s bankruptcy being a case in point.

He is now standing for Reform UK to provide the people of Woking with a genuine alternative to the establishment parties; a party with an aspirational vision based on common sense and British values.

If you, too, seek real change, join us, volunteer and help us campaign!

Woking Constituency Map

Woking Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71737


1 Byfleet & West Byfleet

2 Canalside

3 Goldsworth Park

4 Heathlands

5 Hoe Valley

6 Horsell

7 Knaphill

8 Mount Hermon

9 Pyrford

10 St. John’s

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