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I'm Harl Grewal and have been nominated to stand as the Reform UK candidate for the great Royal Borough of Windsor. I'm very grateful and feel honoured for the opportunity to be able to represent this constituency.

I currently work in Management. I have a Physics degree and two vocational Ed Excel Level 7 Diplomas in management studies.

I've been interested in Politics for a good few years now. Not just UK, but world politics, and with an opportunity presenting itself, I have decided to stand as a MP. It's often the case that when you are passionate and really care about something you decide that you need to act yourself, rather than hope or wait for somebody else to do so. It is in that vein I want to be able to take up the mantle and try my best to be able to make a true difference.

The UK really does appear to be totally broken. Both main political parties have always had a monopoly on Government. They have made manifesto pledges, promises, commitments and the rest, only to fail to deliver on them time and time again. They have shown negligence, incompetence, many a U-turn, been involved in blunders and scandals, poor, inexcusable judgement and repeated abject failures. Their latest manifestos have already been questioned, and they have been evasive with answers. How can they be trusted? Why would anyone want to continue giving them another chance? Isn't it time to give somebody else that chance and privilege?

Unfortunately, there has never been any real credible alternative - until now - Reform UK!

Reform UK has gained an incredible amount of ground in a relatively short time. It has many bold and radical policies to fix Great Britain. The world is forever changing and it is the job of our leaders to change with it. Difficult decisions need to be made and difficult conversations need to be had. Reform UK have genuine and real policies, with ideas and determination to make huge and successful differences. They have a 'contract' with the country (not a manifesto, which is nowadays associated with lies from both traditional parties).

I am standing as a candidate for Windsor principally for the people and businesses of Windsor, but also nationally to 'REFORM' Britain, including politics for the sake of the nation.

I am a down to earth individual, committed, hardworking, honest and fair. I simply ask for you to place your trust in me and to vote for Reform UK.

Windsor Constituency Map

Windsor Constituency Map

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Electorate: 74338


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2 Clewer & Dedworth East

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4 Clewer East

5 Datchet, Horton & Wraysbury

6 Eton & Castle

7 Old Windsor

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