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Born on Merseyside my family moved south as my father was a British Merchant seaman working for Cunard who moved out of Liverpool to Southampton.

My education was in Hampshire and I spent my early career at sea. Following many years in corporate business development including representing businesses overseas in the marine sector. In the late 90's I became involved in the industrial environmental services sector. I have worked in this industry for the past 30 years.

I am a local businessman and have a vast experience in local challenges in our constituency.

I became involved in local politics having lost faith in the conservatives who have become entrenched in party politics instead of representing the people who voted for them. 

The people of Winchester constituency have told me they have had enough of the same old messages with the same old outcome. Broken promises and mismanagement at the highest level with no thought or consideration for the electors who have become disengaged with local and national issues which is a sad reality of this current Tory government and its alternatives.

Nationally I believe our country is no longer in safe hands from the established parties, and especially the "establishment", I now want to return to the Britain I once knew and cherished.

One which positively encourages free-speech no matter how uncomfortable, maintains its sovereignty and borders, does not bend the knee to international organisations which do not have our interests at heart, and, a country whose proud and successful past informs our children's future.

I know that the majority of British people think the way we in Reform UK do, and they have been continually punished by the international globalists, and those within our own parliament, since we did not vote the way, we were told in 2016. Therefore, I genuinely feel there is a strong chance Reform UK will win big at the General Election 2024, and I want to play my part in that.

If you feel that you, your children and your country's future are ebbing away before your very eyes, then support me and all the other brave and honourable Reform UK candidates actively standing up for Britain. We will stand up for everyone who believes in our beautiful country. 

Winchester Constituency Map

Winchester Constituency Map

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Electorate: 76577


1 Alresford and Itchen Valley

2 Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery

3 Bishop's Waltham

4 Central Meon Valley

5 Colden Common and Twyford

6 St Barnabas

7 St Bartholomew

8 St Luke

9 St Michael

10 St Paul

11 The Worthys

12 Upper Meon Valley

13 Wonston and Micheldever

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