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Andrew Dawber is a dedicated member of the Reform UK party, committed to bringing positive change to the community of Wigan. With a lifetime of experience and a passion for politics, Andrew is the ideal candidate to represent your interests.

Born and raised in Wigan, Andrew has deep roots and a profound understanding of the local issues that matter most to its residents. For the past 29 years, he has been self-employed, engaging in various business ventures across industries such as construction, health and fitness, automotive, and import-export. This diverse range of experiences has given Andrew valuable insights into the challenges faced by different sectors and the ability to find practical solutions.

But Andrew's contributions go beyond the business world. Alongside his wife, he has been a dedicated foster carer for the past fourteen years. Their selfless commitment has provided a safe and nurturing environment for approximately 14 children, both on short-term and long-term placements. Andrew's dedication to the well-being and development of young individuals exemplifies his caring nature and genuine concern for the community's future.

Andrew's interest in politics has always been strong, and he has closely followed political developments over the years. With a deep understanding of the issues that impact our society, Andrew is driven to make a difference. His vision for a stronger, more prosperous Wigan is rooted in principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

With Andrew Dawber as your representative, you can trust that your voice will be heard and your concerns will be addressed. He is ready to work tirelessly to champion your needs and aspirations, ensuring a brighter future for Wigan.

Vote for Andrew Dawber and the ReformUK party, and together, let's build a better Wigan for all.

Wigan Constituency Map

Wigan Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75607


1 Aspull, New Springs & Whelley

2 Douglas

3 Ince

4 Pemberton

5 Shevington with Lower Ground & Moor

6 Standish with Langtree

7 Wigan Central

8 Wigan West

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