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Simon Evans: The Local Voice for West Lancashire:

I have worked within the Criminal Justice System for 30 years specialising in community justice and anti-social behaviour. As a father of four children, I believe in standards throughout our society, standards which are being decayed throughout our communities. Living in West Lancashire for 20 years, it’s a county I call home and I am determined to keep it as beautiful and thriving as it can be for all people to enjoy.

I have implemented New Problem-solving courts for the UK Governments, Restorative Justice programmes across the globe, youth services provisions, innovative prison services and works closely with Victims of Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour through the UK, in the courts and in the wider community.

Together let’s Make Britain Great!

To do this, reform is essential in the way our country is run and managed, so it works properly for the people. In many areas, just the application of basic common sense would be a good start!

The nation faces many challenges, but we can overcome them. Let’s celebrate our pride in being British: our amazing culture, our incredible heritage. Let’s stop all the woke nonsense that is holding us back. Let’s have a proper immigration policy that works for our country and protects our borders.

Personal Freedoms:

Our freedoms as individuals are curtailed daily by more and more legislation that instructs people what they can or cannot say, The days of an Orwellian state has truly arrived, in the guise of a Woke doctrine designed to frighten citizens into submission of compliance to this narrow view of life or other people’s view of how life should be conducted, in a twisted morality, and without your compliance you will be cancelled and branded a social pariah.

By Voting for Reform and Reform only, you can guarantee the freedom of speech and freedom of thought not only for you but for your children and future generations.

Delivery of Politics

My belief in common-sense, problem-solving approach is reflected in Reforms “Contract with the people”.  As this approach addresses the everyday issues, that matter to all of us, the everyday nuts and bolts that make our lives better and gives us a structure equally for all peoples. Our Policies are pragmatic, and their common-sense approach matters to improve all citizens lives.

West Lancashire Constituency Map

West Lancashire Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 73652


1 Aughton & Holborn

2 Burscough Bridge & Rufford

3 Burscough Town

4 Old Skelmersdale

5 Ormskirk East

6 Ormskirk West

7 Rural North East

8 Rural South

9 Rural West

10 Skelmersdale North

11 Skelmersdale South

12 Tanhouse & Skelmersdale Town Centre

13 Up Holland

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