Wellingborough By Election Campaign Launch


Reform UK officially launched our by-election campaign in Wellingborough on Saturday, supporting our candidate Ben Habib. With recent polling placing us in 3rd position nationally at 11%, this by-election gives the constituents of Wellingborough the chance to evaluate 13 years of Tory failure without endorsing the policy shortcomings and extravagance of Labour.

Wellingborough Campaign Launch

Reform UK Bus arrives in Wellingborough constituency

Richard Tice & Ben Habib

Ben Habib and Richard Tice open Wellingborough by election Reform UK campaign office

We wasted no time and started early in the morning, distributing leaflets and engaging in canvassing activities throughout the constituency. In the afternoon, our campaign bus arrived, taking us on a brief tour of the area. The focus then shifted to the inauguration of 'Brexit' Ben's campaign office, where our supporters were warmly welcomed by local and national press.

Richard Tice Launches the Campaign

Richard Tice Wellingborough constituency by election campaign launch event

Ben Habib Meets the Press

Ben Habib Reform UK Wellingborough by election candidate

The people of Wellingborough have an important decision to make. Both Labour and the Tories offer more of the same, which means endorsing excessive taxation, uncontrolled immigration, rising crime rates and long waiting lists for GP appointments.

Only Reform UK will prioritise the interests of Britain, advocating for a freeze on non-essential immigration, border security, tax reduction, elimination of wasteful spending and economic growth to address the challenges posed by the cost of living crisis.

If you would like to contribute to our campaign, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Get involved, we need your help on the ground for the by-election. Together we can achieve a great result for Ben in Wellingborough, don't delay, volunteer today!

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Volunteer for Reform UK in Wellingborough by-election