Watch all the speeches from the Reform UK conference 2023 now

This weekend we held our annual conference in London. Attendees heard from a great range of speakers outlining how we plan to Save Britain.


Leader Richard Tice told conference we have to "cut taxes, control our borders and train and educate our own people" as he discussed our policies to Save Britain. You can watch this speech in FULL by clicking here.


Honorary President Nigel Farage addressed delegates and discussed the  "huge gap in the political market to leave ECHR and stop mass migration." You can watch this speech in FULL by clicking here.


Newly appointed joint deputy leader Ben Habib SLAMMED the Tories' BREXIT BETRAYAL in his speech to the Reform UK conference. Watch Ben's speech in FULL by clicking here.


Joint deputy leader Dr David Bull outlines how we plan to save the NHS. You can watch the speech here.


In her keynote address to the Reform UK conference, Ann Widdecombe SLAMS the Labour Party and said "We must never forget the threat the Labour Party pose to our nation". Watch this speech in FULL by clicking here.


Our two candidates for the upcoming by-elections in Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth, Dave Holland and Ian Cooper, also addressed conference. In their speeches they explained the change they could bring to their local areas and discussed the need for a fresh start. Watch Dave's speech by clicking HERE and Ian's by clicking HERE.


Defence spokesman Frederick Chedham explained how we plan to keep Britain secure! Watch his FULL speech by clicking here.