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Born in Eastcote, I went to Southbourne Comprehensive School – which I left with an “O” level in English. For most of my early years I worked 2 jobs - Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Butcher then Baggage Handler at Heathrow. I worked very hard, had a bit of luck & have now done reasonably well in life. I’m married & have a son.

In the early 80’s I worked as a Baggage Handler at Heathrow Airport. I was a member of the T&GW’s Union. I valued the protections a trade union gave me! I was equally inspired by the “then” Conservatives vision & personal belief they generated within me. I joined the local YC’s group, eventually became their Chairman (not stereo typical!) and built it into the largest group in the country.

I’ve a genuine focus on our frontline caring professionals & Police. They must be properly paid & supported. Without them our society will continue to crumble! They should be a priority!

Our young working-class people must be well educated, skilled & ADVISED, schooled in financial management, building their self-belief & guiding them to achieve well thought through ACHIEABLE visions. Things I wished I’d not had to figure out myself! Belief is All!

Our elderly. They have paid into the system all their lives & generally experienced full employment. They must be supported through easy access to the public services they require – they have paid for them! They must feel safe in their own homes. They must feel their local area is being maintained & resembles a society they enjoy & still relate to.

I struggle to understand what has been allowed to happen to this country. What have our politicians been doing!!

I can’t associate with either of the two main parties anymore. I don’t believe either of them. Since 1997 Labour bankrupted the country & then, the so-called Conservatives have continued to wreck it!

I find their promises patronising, desperate & insincere. I feel they are both taking us for fools. Many have achieved very little on a personal basis – having never done a proper day’s work in their lives – yet, arrogantly tell us they are worthy of having power over our everyday lives!

Hope is not a strategy! A new journey starts with a brave first step! I’m a normal person whose has worked hard & can prove I can succeed on behalf of others. What you see is what you get! I WILL FIGHT TOOTH & NAIL FOR YOU!

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Uxbridge and South Ruislip Constituency Map

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