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I have lived in the Paddock Wood / Capel area for 12 years. A career in IT tech support/consulting approaching 20 years, in technical roles and management, both in an employed and self-employed basis.

I am not a politician, activist or campaigner. I’m just a regular British citizen who, since the Brexit Referendum, has become ever more dismayed, upset and frankly now outraged over the behaviour of all the major political parties supposedly doing “what’s best” for our country and our people.

I cannot just sit by and watch anymore while our brilliant, beautiful country and culture is ruined.  So, I am doing something – I am standing up.

Reform UK is the only party offering policies that will genuinely turn this country around. Our “Contract With You” sets out how we will achieve reform in all major areas – halting mass immigration, ending bankruptcy-inducing Net Zero targets. Sensible tax cuts that benefit the poorest, making work pay and promoting small business to generate real growth. Clearing NHS waiting lists within 2 years. Removing destructive gender and woke ideologies from schools, providing opportunities for young people and help with student debts. And more.

The political establishment needs to be replaced by people who are like you - great work ethic, action oriented, love their country and want to serve their people to make their lives better. I will represent Tunbridge Wells with honesty and integrity… stand up with me, let’s save our country!

Tunbridge Wells Constituency Map

Tunbridge Wells Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75213


1 Cranbrook, Sissinghurst and Frittenden

2 Culverden

3 Hawkhurst, Sandhurst and Benenden

4 High Brooms

5 Paddock Wood

6 Pantiles

7 Park

8 Pembury and Capel

9 Rural Tunbridge Wells

10 Rusthall and Speldhurst

11 Sherwood

12 Southborough and Bidborough

13 St James'

14 St John's

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