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My name is Mark Robinson, and I am a farmer from Thirsk.

I am also a parish councillor.

I was a candidate for the Brexit Party in the 2019 General Election.

Like many people in our wonderful country, I have ancestors who fought and died, and those who worked and toiled, to protect our nation and build everything that’s here for us to enjoy today - everything that makes this country the very best place in the world to live.

I feel that we cannot allow the sacrifices and efforts made by successive generations over millennia to have been made for nothing, or for the present political classes, civil servants and the rest of the establishment to destroy our country, our spirit, our sense of nationhood, and our sense of national pride.

This cannot be allowed to happen. 

Like many people, I realised some while ago that shouting at the TV can make absolutely no difference.

I had to do something to arrest the decline and degradation of our nation.

I volunteered to stand as a candidate for Reform before Reform was launched and now, I am privileged and honoured to stand as their candidate to represent the people of this constituency. I have never before been a member of any political party, and have always cast my vote for the ‘least worst’ candidate.

This is not democracy. This is not how things should be.

I support wholeheartedly the Reform party’s pledges in our contract with you and would ask for everyone to study this document which can be found here:-

Contract with You

Furthermore I will guarantee and promise if elected that I will do all that I can to honour our commitments. I feel that politicians representing the people should have an obligation to mean what they say and to do what they promise. This is so plainly not the case now. We need, as Nigel Farage so correctly says, a political revolt: a people’s army to make the change we need in our wonderful country and to restore our nation - to have our country back.

We need to support all the people, to give them hope and encouragement in their lives, and for the lives of our future generations, and to honour the sacrifices from the past.

We need to restore the moral compass that has guided our country for centuries and to give us all hope.

People deserve a safe, peaceful country, at peace with itself and the world. A homeland fit for heroes.

I hope you feel able to give me your vote, and I will do my very best for you.

Thirsk and Malton Constituency Map

Thirsk and Malton Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 76623


1 Aiskew & Leeming

2 Amotherby & Ampleforth

3 Bedale

4 Filey

5 Helmsley & Sinnington

6 Hillside & Raskelf

7 Hunmanby & Sherburn

8 Kirkbymoorside & Dales

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11 Pickering

12 Sheriff Hutton & Derwent

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14 Thirsk

15 Thornton Dale & Wolds

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