The Irish Taoiseach or Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar told Ireland’s state broadcaster that singing “Ooh, ahh, up the Ra"  is a “nice song to sing”

This is a direct insult to the over 2000 people killed by the IRA during the troubles. Including over 50 Catholic civilians.

Ben Habib, who speaks on Northern Ireland for Reform UK said, 

“Leo Varadkar weaponised the Irish border issue during Brexit. He used a photo of a burnt out border post in 1972 to threaten a return to violence if the “hard” border (otherwise known as a customs border) was not placed down the middle of our own country.

“He tore up the Belfast Agreement and the Tory government didn’t bat an eyelid. 

“It is a government’s first duty to protect the integrity of its country. Our gutless politicians would rather placate the EU and dishonest Irish politicians than stand up for the United Kingdom.

“And now Varadkar is making light of a song that celebrates the cold hearted murder of thousands of people he believes should be citizens or his country. He is not fit to hold office and the UK Government should protest in the strongest possible terms”.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar under fire for saying song with pro-IRA lyrics is "a nice song to sing" - Celtic Symphony by the Wolfe Tones (

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