Dr. David Bull, the deputy leader of Reform UK has lambasted a new trans activist report from The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

In the shocking new report the taxpayer funded CIPD is pushing groundless transgender theories on the British workplace. Worse, the Human Resources body has taken ‘evidence’ from hard line groups that teach trans ideology to children as young as 3, but has failed to apply balance  in its study.

Dr Bull said “The report claims to promote equality, inclusion and respect. But trashes women’s safety and privacy by advising that staff use showers and toilets ‘they feel comfortable with’.”

The report also says that “women and people" who experience the menopause. It refers to biological sex as a “belief”. It uses divisive language, describing those who support the trans agenda as “allies”. While seeming to associate “gender critical views” with legally charged ‘“aspects of this space” like “transphobia”. 

DR Bull continued, “The usual woke bullying tactics are all there. The report implies that firms could be breaking the law if they fail to comply with requirements. But the truth is that gender-critical beliefs have the same legal protections as religious or environmental beliefs”. 

This report is another attack on freedom of speech. It relies on flimsy evidence. It mixes up science with political activism, this time from an organisation with the authority of a Royal Charter.. 

This will lead to businesses being hit with more rules. More legal costs. Decent people will be intimidated into silence. There will be chaos in the workplace. Women’s rights will be destroyed. 

This CIPD report reinforces a toxic culture that crushes debate. Damages children and destroys the idea of informed consent. That is why the Tavistock gender clinic is facing legal action from over 1,000 families. “Only Reform UK fully opposes unfounded transgender ideology.

We will protect the rights of women and children. We will defend free speech. We will stop these unfounded and damaging ideas being taught in primary schools. They can only be taught in secondary schools as theory with emphasis on the far greater body of proven and opposing science”.

The report can be read here:

CIPD publishes new guide on transgender and non-binary inclusion | CIPD

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