As we all know, this is a very difficult time for so many. The horrific news coming daily from Ukraine is relentless.

At home, the cost of living crisis is getting worse and in many ways is totally self-inflicted by Government policy. We are all suffering because of failed energy policies over many years, the consequences of which are now coming home to roost.

The Chancellor has a chance with his Spring statement to ease this crisis, but I am not optimistic that he grasps the scale of it. Despite having the capacity to make a significant difference, he is likely to just tinker at the edges. He seems determined to proceed with tax rises when he should be cutting them hard to create more growth.

The Government’s finances are much stronger than the Tories often make out. They could be boosted even further if we started extracting our shale gas treasure, that has a value potentially equal to our national debt.

Reform UK has led the way in bringing this debate back to the table, which is a sign of how we can shape and influence the things that matter.

Without delay, the Chancellor should immediately scrap:

  • The National Insurance rise
  • The 25% renewable subsidy levies on all electricity bills
  • The 5% VAT on our energy bills

And he should:

  • reduce fuel duty by at least 10 pence per litre.

This would be paid for by higher growth over the coming years and by cutting so much wasteful spending. We all know examples of Government waste and inefficiency!

We have real solutions to the biggest issues facing our country today. What we need now are candidates to put those solutions to the British people.

The Local Council Elections are now fast approaching and this week is your last opportunity to put your name forward to stand for Reform UK.

It is so important that we stand as many candidates as we can if we’re to keep building our brand and increasing our footprint.

If you haven’t already applied, please consider doing so today. There is no cost to standing and we have an expert team on hand to help support your application.

As ever, thank you for your continuing support.