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I have been a resident of Sutton Coldfield for more than 45 years, and have been dismayed by the steady decline of the so called ‘Royal Town ‘, particularly over the last 20 of these.

Andrew Mitchell has now been our MP for 23 years. During this period we’ve seen the total devastation of the town centre, the closure of both our Magistrates’ court and Registry offices, and our local police station is also set to close.  Meanwhile Mr Mitchell has been “earning” £182,000 a year, for working just 34.5 days as a consultant to a number of businesses, this in addition to his MP salary of around £82,000 (figures reported in 2021, see Reference 1 below).

So much for his political career being in tatters over “Plebgate” in 2014 (see Reference 2)

When not working extra jobs to benefit his own pocket, in his role of International Development Minster, he has been very involved with, and very enthusiastic about, giving away our money to try to reduce poverty across Africa, rising poverty levels in Sutton Coldfield appear to concern him somewhat less (see Reference 3).

Labour-controlled Birmingham City Council and has always under invested in Sutton Coldfield, and has recently effectively declared itself bankrupt, by issuing a section 114 notice.

Crime in our town is at epidemic levels, with shoplifting in particular going “through the roof”.

At the time of writing, I am the only declared Prospective Parliamentary Candidate who actually lives permanently in Sutton Coldfield. If elected, I would devote 100% of my time rebuilding Sutton, there will be none spent on “second jobs”, no matter how much I could earn, in how short a space of time.

Reform UK’s plans to cut business taxes would massively help local businesses thrive again, putting some much needed investment into all of our shopping areas and increasing visitor numbers. As your MP I would relentlessly strive to get more police officers onto our streets; Reform UK has committed to hiring 40,000 extra police nationally, over a five year period.

Our commitment to raising the personal tax threshold to £20,000 would greatly benefit the less well off, and put more money in their pockets to spend locally.

I believe only a truly local person will have the passion and commitment to ensure that our town undergoes the regeneration it deserves.



Sutton Coldfield Constituency Map

Sutton Coldfield Constituency Map

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