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David Morgan Sussex Weald Constituency

Candidate - David Morgan

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Grammar school educated, I have worked in finance since leaving school, the majority of which has been in the Asset Management industry. I currently work for a financial resolution company where I have developed a strong sense of justice and fairness, something that is clearly lacking in this current government.

As your Sussex Weald Candidate, I will be focused on defeating and removing the tired, worn out, complacent legacy parties that have caused so much harm to our great country and have always taken votes for granted. I will call for an end to illegal immigration, I will campaign for freedom of speech and personal liberties, improved health care and a strong Britain both economically and militarily.

I believe in what were previously traditional common sense Conservative policies, before the Tory Party became unrecognisable. We are left with a rag bag of career politicians who have never had a proper job are detached from the real world and the struggles of everyday people.

We live in a first world country and yet we can't enjoy a suitable standard of life because we struggle to keep warm, fill our cupboards, get NHS appointments and find suitable housing.

One of my major issues with this and previous governments is the incredible waste and red tape that stifles business and drives up the cost of living.

Since leaving the EU, people’s eyes have been open to the opportunities and benefits of being an independent sovereign nation. Serious change and Reform is possible in keys areas and I will campaign to ensure we take proper advantage of Brexit and put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain.

Sussex Weald Constituency Map

Sussex Weald constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 70075


1 Chiddingly, East Hoathly & Waldron

2 Crowborough Central

3 Crowborough Jarvis Brook

4 Crowborough North

5 Crowborough South East

6 Crowborough South West

7 Crowborough St Johns

8 Framfield & Cross-in-Hand

9 Frant & Wadhurst

10 Hadlow Down & Rotherfield

11 Hailsham Central

12 Hailsham East

13 Hailsham North

14 Hailsham North West

15 Hailsham South

16 Hailsham West

17 Hartfield

18 Heathfield North

19 Heathfield South

20 Hellingly

21 Horam & Punnetts Town

22 Mayfield & Five Ashes

23 Withyham

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