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I have 44 years’ experience in the electricity industry. I am Senior Authorised Person & Control Electrical Engineer up to 132KV who has a proven track record in project and asset management. I have directly controlled a team of 27 craftsmen in fault location and repair work on the electricity distribution network and optimising asset performance. I would now like to utilise my management and personnel skills in a new direction.

My decision to stand is driven by profound disillusionment with the Conservative Party. Lower taxes are a priority raising the tax threshold thus removing the poorest from the tax system and encouraging people to seek premotion. more money in people’s pockets means more spending which fuels economic growth. lowering corporation tax with further stimulate business growth.

The NHS requires a serious overall to cut waste, train more doctors and nurses, and scrap the cap on training spots.

On Environmental policies the markets should set the pace of decarbonization, rather than adhering to an arborary Net Zero target.  Regarding immigration, it’s time for a sensible approach; for every person coming in one must leave, and the boats caring migrants should do turned found and escorted back to France.

Stroud Constituency Map

Stroud Constituency Map

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Electorate: 76249


1 Berkeley Vale

2 Cam East

3 Cam West

4 Coaley and Uley

5 Dursley

6 Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe

7 Stroud Central

8 Stroud Farmhill and Paganhill

9 Stroud Slade

10 Stroud Uplands

11 Stroud Valley

12 The Stanleys

13 Amberley and Woodchester

14 Chalford

15 Kingswood

16 Nailsworth

17 Rodborough

18 Severn

19 Stonehouse

20 Stroud Trinity

21 Thrupp

22 Wotton-under-Edge

23 Cainscross

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