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I was born in Derbyshire, but raised in Staffordshire and now after many years have become a little more worldly-wise.

I’m happily married to Jen, I know this because she often tells me so.  Between us, we have eight children and six grandchildren.

We own a small business that provides water engineering services to the Care Sector. We’re re-locating both our home and business to Kidsgrove where we hope to build upon our modest success.

In the forty-one years since I left school at sixteen, life has been a constant struggle through successive red and blue governments plundering our nation’s wealth, our industries, our social housing and our very identity. 

When my first-born came into the world, I was just nineteen and we lived in a Council flat. I worked three jobs over seven days a week just to provide for my small but rapidly growing family - so I really do understand hardship, struggle and what it means to go hungry – hence my ambition and drive to climb out of poverty trap we were in.

Over the years I’ve had my feet in both political camps in an attempt to bring about change – only to realise that they only care about their own agenda, not the betterment of Great Britain. 

I was an Independent Chairman of my local Council, I was also Chairman of my local Constituency Labour Party (a position I rapidly abandoned when Corbyn became party leader) and latterly, a fully paid-up Conservative – but not any longer, Britian needs change.

I became a Trustee and Director of my former local Miners Welfare Charity, I can say, hand on heart, that saving the charity from closure has probably been my best project and success to date.

The Miners Charity provided the area with a youth club, social club, both adult and junior football & cricket clubs, a Pensioners club and a bowls club – All of these vital community assets would have been lost forever because the District Council did not and would not provide them.

I have always been a staunch Brexiteer – even before the term was invented. Alas, the two main parties seem to do everything they can to deny our democratic right to determine our own future and our own laws - hence you can’t trust them to stand up for Great Britian.

I'm standing for Reform UK because I’ve had enough of the mediocre representation and broken promises by successive governments of all colours over many decades.

The two main parties in this election will promise you the world to get into power – but deliver nothing in return except more decline, more immigration, more inflation, more taxes, more loss of personal freedom and more of the same.

If you vote the way you always have – you will only get the same result.

If you want to see real change and are fed up too, don’t vote as you did before.

Get involved, join us, volunteer, help us campaign but most of all....

Vote for common sense policies – Vote REFORM UK.

Stoke-on-Trent North Constituency Map

Stoke-on-Trent North Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 69821


1 Kidsgrove & Ravenscliff

2 Newchapel & Mow Cop

3 Talke & Butt Lane

4 Baddeley, Milton & Norton

5 Bradeley & Chell Heath

6 Burslem

7 Burslem Park

8 Etruria & Hanley

9 Ford Green & Smallthorne

10 Goldenhill & Sandyford

11 Great Chell & Packmoor

12 Little Chell & Stanfield

13 Moorcroft & Sneyd Green

14 Tunstall

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