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My name is Peter Hopper and I’m the PPC for Stevenage. I have been married for 43 years and have 2 children and four grandchildren.

I am originally from Durham, and attended a grammar school there before venturing south to study at London University for an honours degree.

I am now retired but have spent most of working life in the commercial world. I was Commercial Director of a very large retail company for many years before launching my own international consultancy business.

I have lived in Stevenage for over 30 years.

I am standing for Reform as I despair at the current state of the two main parties who are, in effect, two sides of the same coin.

Under the Tories we have ended up after 14 years with the highest levels of taxation, record immigration (both legal and illegal), net zero madness and massive waste in the public sector. Expect more of the same under a Labour administration.

The Tories have broken Britain, Labour will bankrupt Britain it’s up to Reform UK to save Britain.

We need a re-set of British politics. First past the post makes it very difficult for new, challenging parties like ours, but the more people who vote for us and for change the more likely we are to achieve fair representation in parliament.

The Reform policies are just plain common sense and reflect the views of millions who voted Leave and who yearn for a balanced, fair, inclusive and rewarding society.

Stevenage Constituency Map

Stevenage Constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 70370


1 Codicote

2 Knebworth

3 Bandley Hill

4 Bedwell

5 Chells

6 Longmeadow

7 Martins Wood

8 Old Town

9 Pin Green

10 Roebuck

11 St Nicholas

12 Shephall

13 Symonds Green

14 Woodfield

15 Manor

16 Aston, Datchworth & Walkern

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