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My name is Sarah Wood and I have been announced as a spokesperson for the Reform UK Party in the soon-to-be amended seat of Spen Valley (currently Batley & Spen).

I am a professional chartered engineer of 21 years born in Halifax, live within Spen Valley, having spent a lifetime here, connected through the family.

I am compelled to stand for my home seat of Spen Valley because, as a mother, a wife, and a citizen of this country, I am deeply concerned with the direction those in power are taking this nation I love. This is being felt by me at both a National and Local Level and now pervades every area of my life.

I went from being apathetic about politics to deeply caring about the future of my son’s life in our once amazing Country.

I could not, with all integrity, sit back and watch the shocking disassembly of democratic systems, which I once took for granted, accompanied by the unashamed mass removal of our freedoms.

Everything Now Feels Like One Constant Battle:

  • A fight to get a GP appointment
  • A struggle to get a flight on holiday because of the EU Net Zero Caps
  • A challenge to speak to anyone human to access basic services within 2 hours
  • A confrontation at schools to ensure the safeguarding of my son during his education
  • A grapple with people in positions of medical power to ensure sovereignty over my own body
  • A scrap concerning freedom of movement in my own neighbourhood, let alone in the EU
  • A wrestle with my bank about when and how I may withdraw my money
  • A fracas with the public sector referees who are supposed to be upholding my rights against the behemoth of big business; or a skirmish with employers who seek to steamroller my liberties;
  • And a battle royale for things that we’ve fought and won already, which should have been nailed in their coffins long ago, like Brexit and the deliberate state of our porous borders.

In fact, as I say these words, it feels less like a battle and more like – controlled demolition.

I bring my honesty, skill, technical experience, leadership, clarity, compassion, and resourcefulness into the constituency I now live in with my husband, where we raise our child alongside yours.

I offer my services to you to uphold your values and add them to our fight. I’m aligned with the principles and values of the Reform UK Party, having evolved from the Brexit Party, whom I stood for in my birth constituency of Halifax in the General Election of 2019.

I know already from speaking to many people in the constituency, that I am also aligned with YOUR values and beliefs, dearly held in Spen Valley.

There is much placed upon politicians for the state of the nation. Blame, grievance , and resentment. I agree that there are many corrupt holders of public office who sorely need to be held to account. Let’s do that!

However, I share with you an additional important view:

If the power is with the people, then so, too, is accountability. A lack of care for the slipping standards is for the people and only the people to account for.

For too long, we have given our power away. And THIS is why I stand. I’m taking back my power to make the change I want! I need your help.

Will you stand with me? Will you take your power back? I’m building a team as I write. It’s the only way. And the time is NOW.”

More Personal Details

I am 46 years old, and I live in Spen Valley, West Yorkshire, with my husband and son. My early career began when I entered R.A.F Pilot Training whilst reading Aeronautical Engineering at Salford University.

Later, pursuing Engineering around the globe with Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, BMW Group, Rolls Royce plc, and Jaguar Landrover.

After 14 years, I took a career break when I worked with young boys in West Yorkshire with Emotional, Social, and Mental Health Challenges. I then became a professional musician and toured the world.

Upon returning to Yorkshire, I qualified as a Secondary School Teacher of Engineering Design & Technology at Sheffield Hallam University.

I hold a keen interest in supporting boys to thrive in a world which increasingly holds oppression toward men.

I speak three European Languages and am schooled in Classical Guitar. I regard people and the arts as the “Energy of Life.”

After a life spent away from home and having returned to my roots. I spend as much time as possible in ”Cleckheaton, Huddersfield, and Halifax with my family and friends.

I am proud to be able to follow in the footsteps of Granddad Albert, who was a Justice of the Peace in Halifax in the 1960s.

Spen Valley Constituency Map

Spen Valley Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 72169


1 Heckmondwike

2 Kirkheaton

3 Cleckheaton

4 Liversedge & Gomersal

5 Birstall & Birkenshaw

6 Mirfield

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