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My roots in Southampton run deep. My father and uncles were born in Southampton and raised in Thornhill. As the Falklands War was raging my dad was stationed in Pembrokeshire. I was a “base baby.” After a bit of a nomadic existence, we eventually settled down in Bristol. Yet, we were regular visitors to Southampton.

My grandparents still lived at the top of Thornhill Avenue. My sisters and I spent some of the most magical moments of our childhood here. Grandad would recount his tales of travelling the world with Cunard, whilst Nanna would fix up the best homecooked chips. Naturally, I was inducted into Saints mania from an early age. “Do and say what you want, but don’t tell your mum!” whispered my uncle as I watched, from the terraces, Richard Hall slam in his first header in a 2-2 away draw with Bolton Wanderers in early 1992. I was instantly hooked.

Between 2007 and late 2021 I had worked in London, latterly in senior roles overseeing the conduct of business in the financial markets. Building upon these experiences, I founded a consultancy in late 2021. Headquartered near Southampton Airport, this business has rapidly grown to become a trusted adviser to entities in the UK and beyond.

As a small business owner, the prospect of a Labour government fills me with dread. This shambolic Conservative administration has already made the UK uncompetitive by raising corporation tax on companies with profits over £250k from 19% to 25%. A Labour party addicted to spending other people’s money and interfering would only make matters worse.

If they can’t manage the finances at Southampton City Council, then why should we entrust them with running the world’s 6th largest economy? At Reform UK, we are committed to reducing the tax and regulatory burdens on entrepreneurs. We would bin the oppressive IR35 rules on sole traders, lift the VAT threshold to £100k and cut corporation tax to 15% from year five.

As a father, I abhor the thought of Labour turbo-charging the woke nonsense that has infiltrated our schools. The “Conservative” Party has indulged the proliferation of harmful and divisive race and gender ideologies. Enough. Reform UK would banish both from our education system within 100 days of taking office.

Finally, as a citizen I believe it is critical that we break the addiction to uncontrolled mass immigration. Since Blair took office in 1997 successive governments, Labour and Conservative, have shown complete contempt for public opinion on this issue. With public infrastructure, housing stock and, in some places, social cohesion under severe strain, reform of our immigration system is now a matter of national security.

Reform UK would introduce a selective, skills based, legal entry scheme. Unlike Labour, Reform UK would operate a zero-tolerance approach to illegal migration rather than reward it with a de facto amnesty. Equally, Reform UK would seek the immediate deportation of foreign nationals who commit criminal offences here.

On 4th July the choice doesn’t have to be between failed incumbency and Starmergeddon. Vote Reform UK!

Southampton Itchen Constituency Map

Southampton Itchen Constituency Map

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Electorate: 72150


1 Banister & Polygon

2 Bargate

3 Bitterne Park

4 Harefield

5 Peartree

6 Sholing

7 Thornhill

8 Woolston

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