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I am the appointed PPC for South Suffolk, Beverley England. I moved to South Suffolk last year as I enjoy the countryside, walking every day with my dog plus the move gave me an opportunity to refurbish a neglected barn. My business, in commercial and high spec residential interior design, has been running now for over 30 years and clients have included the Houses of Parliament . . . remember that wallpaper at £200 per roll? - now there’s a story I can tell you!

Interests of mine, apart from interior design and architecture, include travel, cooking, eating fish and chips on the beach and the arts. Current affairs and political debate, especially in a pub with a roaring fire and glass of wine in hand - perfect. My political interest increased over Brexit. I am a Brexiteer and like many, am furious that it has been ‘done’ in name only . . . what a waste of an 80 seat majority, which clearly shows through lack of action that the government never intended to implement Brexit it was all a sham to gain votes.

During the Brexit debates I often heard a businessman - Richard Tice - clearly stating the reasons to vote for Brexit and no-one else made more sense than he did (apart from Nigel Farage of course). The arm twisting and propaganda which went on to coerce the public to vote Remain used to send me into orbit! - just think how many more would have voted Leave if the the debate had been fair and presented both sides of the argument. The BBC were a disgrace during the debates - a tax payer funded organisation which gave little or no voice to those arguing to leave the EU.

The final push I needed to put my head above the political parapet was the incompetence shown by all political ‘leaders’ during the pandemic and the censoring of free speech. Then the debacle which has led to the UK having an unelected PM foisted on us who, not only supports Central Bank Digital Currency (Mr. Sunak was the poster boy for CBDC when Chancellor) but as Chancellor he completely mismanaged the UK finances with reckless spending and out of control borrowing. This unelected PM also supports the WEF - he has just allowed two members of his Cabinet to travel to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Reform UK is the only party with sound, common sense policies. We are against CBDC and against the WEF. It is about time the country was led, not by career politicians, but by people who, like you and me, work hard to pay our bills and taxes, are fiscally responsible and want a fairer society run for all our our benefit with truth and transparency. I’m standing as I want a better outcome for your family and for mine. I will not stand for the continued incompetence, bordering on deliberate destruction of our country.

Once elected, I will fairly represent the constituents of South Suffolk and welcome your support and in doing so, we will definitely Reform the UK to Save Britain. Now is the time to vote for change - finally there is a choice to make a difference and get the job done and I look forward to working hard on your behalf.

South Suffolk Constituency Map

South Suffolk Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71070


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2 Box Vale

3 Brantham

4 Brett Vale

5 Bures St Mary & Nayland

6 Capel St Mary

7 Chadacre

8 Copdock & Washbrook

9 East Bergholt

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