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Michael Bagley was born in Islington, London, before it was fashionable, and his family moved into leafy Surrey when he was six. After graduating from Reading and Keele, he worked all over the UK, and Georgia USA, as a teacher of Politics, English and maths. He also ran two businesses that produced educational software. He wrote and published two political thrillers, The Plutonium Factor and Mohembo Crossing, and, more recently, A Good Death; a novel concerning a family in crisis.

Politically, Michael emerged from the disintegrating labour movement of his youth to encompass in his later years the more visionary and solid foundations of UKIP and Reform UK, where the concept of the nation-state is favoured over the globalist intentions of the EU, the WEF and Davos. Yet the full opportunities of Brexit have not been embraced by the Tory Government. Instead, we’re still mired within the tentacles of the globalist food and energy markets, where a Russian invasion can push gas prices through the roof and create a cost-of-living crisis in the UK. If we do nothing else, we must become energy-independent.

Apart from the dalliance in his youth, and working for Brexit during the referendum campaign, Michael has resisted political activism. But he feels Britain is now so broken, in so many ways, that he feels compelled to try and do something about it. Reform has many sound ideas for making Britain great again. Here’s just one of them.


In 2016, the British people voted not just for control of our economy, they also voted for control of our borders. But, yet again, the Conservatives have reversed that notion. They promised immigration of tens of thousands a year. Instead, over 2 million people legally migrated into the UK in 2021 and 2022. In 2023 it’s set to reach 1.2 million. Illegal migration is costing the taxpayer £8 million a day in legal fees, allowances and accommodation. Since 2010, net migration has added 3 cities the size of Birmingham to the population.

So what, you might ask? Surely it shows we’re a generous nation and net migration strengthens the economy does it not? Well, no actually; mass immigration weakens the economy. It floods the job market with relatively cheap labour, which depresses the wages of the indigenous population. Also, the dependents of migrants tend to be non-working and reliant on state support.

What’s more, it’s fine to signal our virtue as a caring nation but what has it done to our ailing infrastructure: housing, schools, doctors’ surgeries, to mention just three? Reform has detailed policies for stopping the boats and ending mass migration. This way we can support genuine refugees.

South Devon Constituency Map

South Devon Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71691


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2 Blackawton & Stoke Fleming

3 Charterlands

4 Dartington & Staverton

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6 Kingsbridge

7 Loddiswell & Aveton Gifford

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14 Churston with Galmpton

15 Collaton St Mary

16 Furzeham with Summercombe

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18 St Peter's with St Mary's

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