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My name is Mary McKenna, the Reform UK Candidate for Solihull West and Shirley.

I am a Barrister and a tenant at Holborn Chambers, (Crime & Common Law set) for the past 16 years. I am also Direct Access qualified and in addition to my criminal practice, I have advocated on behalf of families in the coroner’s court.

Prior to studying Law, I worked as Director of Midwifery & Nursing for 9 years, leading major changes to implement national policies simultaneously to the maintenance of effective clinical care in maternity and nursing services for a large NHS Trust.  I also worked for 3 years, 3 or 4 days per month, as independent Nurse/Midwife for Sutton CCG for the establishment of effective systems of integrated clinical care between the community and their local hospitals.

I have taken a keen interest in politics, particularly since the Blair years, when NHS became the victim of his spin which politicised, disempowered, overshadowed and devalued what was an effective clinical culture.

I attended Conservative party conferences under David Cameron and became disillusioned with the effect that the EU dictatorship had on our laws from the politicised ECJ.

Conversely, I saw Nigel Farage’s truthful analysis as the only way forward, particularly in the light of the damage shown by the Remainer lobby to undermine the democratic will of the people. Hence, I stood as a candidate for the Brexit Party in Yardley in the general election in 2019, where mid campaign, Nigel Farage, put country before party and stood down candidates in Conservative held constituencies to ensure Brexit was implemented.

In 2024, we are now left with the poor performance of a Conservative government, who was given a huge majority by Nigel Farage’s act of statesmanship, in their failure to implement Brexit, brought our country into financial chaos, with illegal immigration totally out of control through their failure to leave ECHR and act as a sovereign nation by taking control of our borders and utilise the benefits of Brexit.

I feel compelled, given battles we are facing, to stand as a candidate for Reform UK and with the support of you, the residents of Solihull West and Shirley, to represent your views and support the policies and reforms offered in Reform UK’s contract with you the people.

Solihull West and Shirley Constituency Map

Solihull West and Shirley Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70537


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2 Lyndon

3 Olton

4 St Alphege

5 Shirley East

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