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I live in Chalvey in Slough and have a background in hospitality for 25 years before moving into resource management in banking and financial services for the last 15 years. I have always managed business and diverse teams in the middle-east and Europe which is where my strengths lie. I write part time and I have two books published under a pseudonym with a third on the way. Prior to joining the Reform party, I had voted for Brexit to see change and change is what is desperately needed in Slough. 

From the people I speak with and the comments online and articles in the Observer, Slough is desperate for change. Slough is a multicultural town with a great history, a good rate of employment and with pretty good transport links by bus and rail. That said, we do not have a cinema, a theatre, practically no nightlife, no music or food festivals and no arts and crafts fairs.

The town's shopping centre issue is well known and even though the work has not started, the estimate is that it will take fourteen years to complete. I can count on one hand the number of branded or franchise shops, restaurants and bars. There are numerous drink and drugs issues in the town centre as well as homeless people from the centre to Wellington Street.  I have always delivered on projects; commitments and I am a great motivator of people.

I would use all of these skills and absolute dedication to making Slough a better place to visit, not just for the people of Slough, but to bring people into Slough who now go elsewhere due to the lack of any excitement in the area. To do this, people who genuinely want change need to vote for me on election day.

If you do not vote, you will just get more of the same, especially from Labour who have had twelve years to get Slough to where it is now. Vote for me, Robin Jackson in the general election for genuine change in Slough. 

Slough Constituency Map

Slough Constituency Map

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