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I am delighted to have been selected to stand for Shrewsbury, to be your next MP, having been the Shropshire Area Co-ordinator for Reform UK for a number of years. In my youth, I served with the Royal Marines, since leaving them I have set up four different businesses.

I believe that politicians are here to serve the people and act in their best interests (not the other way around, as we have been witnessing for far too long now).

I have listened to the issues that affect people in Shrewsbury and will take these up on your behalf if I am elected as your MP. My priorities will be to address the problems with the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, the polluting of rivers and flood management of the River Severn.

I am passionate about putting people first and will fight for the people of Shrewsbury, so come and talk to me, I will listen.

You have been badly let down by successive Labour and Conservative governments.

The Labour government on losing the election in 2010, left a note saying that there was no money left. In other words they had spent all yours.

The Conservatives have since almost completely “broken Britain”, make no mistake under a Labour government, this country may well go bankrupt, and whatever they may claim, Labour really wants to take us back into Europe.

Keir Starmer demanded a second referendum because he didn't like the fact that we voted for Brexit - the majority of people in the Shrewsbury constituency voted for Brexit.

Furthermore, when asked on TV which he preferred - Davos or Westminster, Keir Starmer chose Davos.  Clearly he doesn’t think very much of the British Parliament, or the will of the people in this country.

Many of you have told me that you are disillusioned with both Labour and the Conservatives. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

It's time for change. On 4 July 2024 you have the opportunity to vote for change and send this message to both Labour and Conservatives.


Shrewsbury Constituency Map

Shrewsbury Constituency Map

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Electorate: 75139


1 Abbey

2 Bagley

3 Battlefield

4 Bayston Hill, Column and Sutton

5 Belle Vue

6 Bowbrook

7 Castlefields and Ditherington

8 Copthorne

9 Harlescott

10 Longden

11 Loton

12 Meole

13 Rea Valley

14 Monkmoor

15 Porthill

16 Quarry and Coton Hill

17 Radbrook

18 Sundorne

19 Tern

20 Underdale

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