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Candidate - Helen Rose O'Hare

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Helen was born in Rainworth in the heart of the Sherwood Forest Constituency and has lived in Blidworth for the last 20 years.

The Oldest daughter of a coal miner, Helen is now an Accountant specialising in the charity sector.  After leaving school and becoming an apprentice, she became a Foreign Markets Financial Analyst, for a major international company. Helen took a break from finance in 2013, working in the training sector, then as a social worker specialising in the support of ex-coal miners and their families across the East Midlands.

Helen first got involved in politics as an independent Councillor for her parish council, where she stood as Chairman until February 2024. She has campaigned to stop the almost unanimously unwanted building of a 70 house estate on Dale lane, Blidworth. That is only supported by the Conservative and Labour politicians, and is against the will of the people.

Passionate and driven, Helen has embraced campaigning as your candidate and is also the regional manager for Reform UK in the East midlands.

Helen is committed to getting the parties policies out across the whole of the Sherwood Forest constituency (which for the 2024 general election will have a newly defined boundary with an electorate of 76,676).

The Sherwood Forest Constituency has had a massive growth in new homes with no addition to any of our services for the residents. No more GP's or surgeries, no more dentists, no more school places, no more police, no infrastructure spending of any note at all. This has resulted in all our standards of living progressively falling as we have to queue for appointments, for operations and struggle to find a dentist.

The State of the pot hole infected crumbling roads, is a terrible, yet fantastic metaphor for the constituency in general.

The residents of Sherwood Forest deserve better; they deserve to get better value for their taxes.  Many of these local issues are driven by national policy, mass immigration (local Hotels full of illegal immigrants almost entirely fighting age males), and the cost of the WEF obsessive net zero at all cost policies!

Helen is standing for Reform UK because she has had enough of the mediocre representation over the last few decades. That has led to where we are today, a broken Britain!

Over 63% of the people in Sherwood Forest voted leave in the Brexit referendum and have been totally betrayed by the Uniparty system.  Helen like many of the honest, hard working men and women of Sherwood gave their votes to the Conservative party in the last general election, because of the Brexit and illegal migration issue only to be totally abandoned by the Uniparty system that ‘knows better’.

If you are fed up too, get involved, join us, volunteer and help us campaign.

Sherwood Forest Constituency Map

Sherwood Forest Constituency Map

Sherwood Forest Constituency Information

Electorate: 76543


1 Calverton

2 Newstead Abbey

3 Bilsthorpe

4 Boughton

5 Dover Beck

6 Edwinstowe & Clipstone

7 Farnsfield

8 Lowdham

9 Ollerton

10 Rainworth North & Rufford

11 Rainworth South & Blidworth

12 Hucknall Central

13 Hucknall North

14 Hucknall South

15 Hucknall West

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