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I move to Scunthorpe in 2022 I am 52 years old with 3 grown up children.  Please visit my Scunthorpe Webpage and my introduction video.

As the MP for Scunthorpe I would be working expeditiously to create a sustainable steel works by seeking Government policy change so private companies do not to have their hands unfairly tied behind their backs because of Net Zero.  I would seek to incentivise through tax breaks companies to reopen mines for local coal and iron ore. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards and this could secure  medium to long term jobs here in Scunthorpe. I would need to have meeting with stakeholders to look at other options.

It is concerning about the plans to downsize Scunthorpe General Hospital and I am of the understanding it still under review. The NHS is under a massive amount of strain and as your MP I will work hard to introduce Government policy change that will prevent such downsizing or closures by looking at ensure recourses are directed at front line services and that non-essential carpet land jobs (office jobs) are made redundant thus freeing up much needed cash. I very much want a fully functioning NHS for Scunthorpe which is where I live.

The manifesto for ReformUK has not been finalised yet, BUT what I will say is Reform UK is a party of common sense policies that wants less Government, Lower Taxes so SME’s which are the backbone of our economy can be freed to do what they are good at which is creating jobs and all this put together will produce a sustainable economy.

Reform UK is not just about illegal immigration but we must be able to protect our boarders to ensure the safety of all our citizens, something that Labour and the Conservatives will not do.

Before you vote please dig really deep  and ask yourself “Do I really trust labour or the Conservatives to deliver the manifesto they are promoting based on the last 30 years of them been in Government”. It is time for real change please give me a chance and vote Reform UK

Scunthorpe Constituency Map

Scunthorpe Constituency Map

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