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I’m fighting to keep our way of life in Rutland and Stamford, and the neighbouring areas I represent.

After fourteen years of Conservative government, everything I love about the place that raised me seems under threat.

Growing up outside of Billesdon gave me the chance to enjoy our beautiful scenery and untarnished towns. There’s something special about this area - whether it’s our sporting champions; our rich medieval and Georgian history; or our local traditions. I can’t remember an Easter Monday I haven’t spent at the Medbourne-Hallaton bottlekicking, and my times at local point to points are some of my favourite memories.

By volunteering I have helped the elderly and disabled, which has taught me the value of community; something that continues to be eroded by sweeping changes across this country. Beleaguered NHS waiting lists; millions out of work; small businesses struggling - our towns and villages become service and pub deserts, which erodes at community.

Whilst I worked in Brussels advocating for rural interests across Europe, I learned just how few voices there are making the case for common sense countryside policy. I had hoped that Brexit would help us break free from continental-style climate targets and metropolitan sensibilities. Back home, however, I’ve had to watch our fields plastered over to make way for expensive, destructive projects such as Mallard Pass Solar Farm. 

A motorsport engineer by education, I am appalled to see Labour councils up and down this country enact ULEZ regulations and speed restrictions while elected Conservatives stand by idly. These are unscientific and if you have a basic understanding of how an engine works you will know that you use more fuel at lower gears with higher revs. Travel restrictions like these are a tax on working people and a grab at our freedom - I am determined to stop their creep into Stamford and Rutland.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Rutland, and I plan to push for legislation that would remove tax from small businesses and properly tax large businesses. It is unfair for small shops to shut on the high street due to tax when they already have enough overheads to pay for. There must be responsibility for closures on the high street, and increased taxes are forcing higher running costs with expensive energy and water bills is squeezing the high street.

We have a huge amount to protect within our constituency. With a rich history spanning from the beautiful Normanton Church on Rutland Water, which was saved by protests from people locally (something maybe for the current government to listen to about Mallard Pass Solar Farm!) to the location of Isaac Newton’s apple tree.

There is an increasing frustration with Tory policies that actively denigrate the countryside, and despite being voted in by the rural communities, have an inability to act in those community’s defence - instead appealing to metropolitan voters who do not support them

The demonisation of farmers by our politicians must stop, and we can see across Europe the support that farmers have, and under Labour this will continue until the country consists of just soulless mega-farms.

Mallard Pass Solar Farm is something that the conservatives have not managed to stop and will destroy a huge swathe of our beautiful counties and it is absurd that it was allowed to go through in the first place.

Rutland and Stamford Constituency Map

Rutland and Stamford Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70864


1 Barleythorpe

2 Billesdon and Tilton

3 Braunston and Martinthorpe

4 Casewick

5 Castle

6 Cottesmore

7 Dole Wood

8 Exton

9 Glen

10 Greetham

11 Isaac Newton

12 Ketton

13 Langham

14 Lyddington

15 Nevill

16 Normanton

17 Oakham N.E.

18 Oakham N.W.

19 Oakham S.

20 Ryhall and Casterton

21 Stamford All Saints

22 Stamford St George's

23 Stamford St John's

24 Stamford St Mary's

25 Thurnby and Houghton

26 Uppingham

27 Whissendine

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