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James was born and raised in Ruddington, a small village in Rushcliffe Constituency. He attended school locally before starting an apprenticeship as a gas engineer. After completing his apprenticeship, he and his father started their own business ‘Nottingham Gas Services’ focusing on gas and renewable energy which has been growing successfully for the past 8 years.

James comes from a family with a long history of business in the Rushcliffe area. His father ran the family business called 'Grices' in Ruddington which has been passed down through the generations for over 100 years.

Though new to politics, James is eager to use his business knowledge to represent his constituency. He believes that small and medium-sized businesses are crucial for the revival of all areas outside of London, which has been neglected by politicians obsessed with big businesses for many years.

He has witnessed first-hand many struggles faced by businesses and the community in which all his friends and family live. Many people he knows are currently struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. He has also witnessed a rise drug use around Nottingham which is also leading to an increase in knife crime. Young people are struggling to get on the housing ladder which has become completely unaffordable for first time buyers. Accessing healthcare quickly has also become unrealistic due to an overstretched NHS. The list goes on….

Although his business interest in renewable energy might sound contradictory to Reform UK’s stance against the climate policy of net zero. He advocates for investing in areas and problems that clearly need immediate attention.

Waiting around for politicians to listen to the wants and needs of the country is an unrealistic dream and if you want somebody that cares deeply about you and the community then we hope you come and get involved as Reform UK is the party for you.

If you wish to help us campaign, please feel free to contact us…. All the help is appreciated!

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Rushcliffe Constituency Map

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Electorate: 76171


1 Abbey

2 Bunny

3 Compton Acres

4 Cotgrave

5 Cropwell

6 Edwalton

7 Gamston

8 Gotham

9 Keyworth & Wolds

10 Lady Bay

11 Leake

12 Lutterell

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14 Nevile & Langar

15 Newton

16 Radcliffe on Trent

17 Ruddington

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