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Daniel Dabin Rochester and Strood Constituency Reform UK PPC

Candidate - Daniel Dabin

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As your Rochester & Strood PPC I will be focused on defeating and removing the tired, worn out, legacy parties that have caused so much harm to our great country. I will campaign for freedom of speech and personal liberties, better health care and a strong Britain both economically and militarily for defence.

As a businessman I understand the needs of SMEs which are the engine of our economy, from my military experience I understand the importance of a strong deterrence.

I live in Strood, so I know we need more GPs, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists yet the current legacy party MP & Council only see new housing estate opportunities. They intend to flood Medway with 80,000 housing units with essential services an afterthought. This will cause social problems and more disruption to our existing infrastructure.

As MP I will campaign for;

  1. More frontline NHS staff, cut middle management, focus on better outcomes for patients and a dedicated cancer treatment hospital to rival the best in G7.
  2. Campaign for lower energy costs through state owned but public operated energy companies.
  3. Secure our Borders – pick them up and immediately drop them back to the EU as per Reform UK 6 point plan.
  4. Strong Economy - lower tax, cut regulations get Britain going again.

Within Rochester & Strood;

  1. Work to install quality health care services, GPs, Doctors, Dentists, Carers.
  2. Enforce efficient road works – road congestion damages the local economy which impacts us all, keep our roads flowing, no road closures, stop all red routes, Ban ULEZ, LTN and end excessive fines against motorists.
  3. Balance the books – no more millions in deficit. Medway must provide value to constituents and relieve pressure from the cost of living crises by stopping local tax increases.
  4. Build local economy – no environmental audits, unnecessary bureaucracy. Businesses require more trade through better services, roads, internet, facilities.


Working, Managing & Creating businesses in Construction – Hospitality – Financial Services

Public Service

British Army – Light Infantry

Humanitarian Work – UN in Africa

Rochester and Strood Constituency Map

Rochester and Strood Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 72155


1 All Saints

2 Chatham Central and Brompton

3 Cuxton, Halling and Riverside

4 Fort Pitt

5 Gillingham North

6 Hoo St Werburgh and High Halstow

7 Rochester East and Warren Wood,

8 Rochester West and Borstal

9 St Mary's Island

10 Strood North and Frindsbury

11 Strood Rural

12 Strood West

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