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Rochdale deserves better, with Danczuk it will get it.

If we want to create more and better jobs in our town, if we want to fill the empty shops and shopping centres, if we want to make Rochdale a safer place, then we need stronger representation in Parliament.

Simon Danczuk, the town’s former MP, who will be standing for Reform UK in the by-election said,

“Our town is being neglected by the main political parties. Locally, Labour is failing to protect our people and support local businesses. Nationally, the Conservatives are failing to grow our economy and are leaving our borders open to illegal immigration.

“Labour refuse to say what they will do if they get into Government. The Tories refuse to do in Government what the public want. One has broken Britain, the other will bankrupt it."

“Rochdale and our country are crying out for change."

“We are all proud of Rochdale, its people and its fantastic history. But Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak don’t care about our town, they continue to take us for granted”

Richard Tice the Reform UK leader said, “Rochdale needs an MP who will challenge the lazy Labour local council. We need an MP prepared to challenge Labour’s vested interests. We need an MP who will challenge, not cover-up, Labour wrongdoing."

“Simon Danczuk, with all his knowledge, his guts and experience, is best placed to challenge and change Rochdale for the better”.

Rochdale By Election 2024 Constituency Map

Rochdale Constituency by election Map

Rochdale Constituency Information

Electorate: 78,909

Following the sad death of Sir Tony lloyd on the 17th january 2024, a by-election will be held for the Rochdale constituency on the 29th February 2024.

If you need to you can Register to Vote here

Please remember to take photo ID with you to vote. If you do not have photo ID you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate before 5pm on the 21st February 2024.


1 Balderstone and Kirkholt

2 Central Rochdale

3 Healey

4 Kingsway

5 Littleborough Lakeside

6 Milkstone and Deeplish

7 Milnrow and Newhey

8 Smallbridge and Firgrove

9 Spotland and Falinge

10 Wardle, Shore and West Littleborough

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