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Who am I? I am nobody. Everybody. Just a man in the crowd. Like many just a once serving patriot soldier with our Great British flag flying proud.

When those we entrust with power, fall at their word…

Those with passion will stand up and lead the surge…

Ensuring what matters - people’s voices are heard…

That is the essence of the only party I will proudly serve…

Professionally I have served 22 years in the British Army as a Radar Technician in The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, I have had to remain politically impartial for so long. During this time, I had always hoped that those elected would be the brightest and best minds to love and steer our country to greatness. This evidently has not been the case. The inaction or incompetence to not deliver on the will of the British people is a national disgrace.

The 31st of January 2024 was my last day in service, now I’m a brand-new veteran who can have a voice, Reform UK have given me the greatest privilege - the honour to run as their candidate in the general election for the people of Richmond and Northallerton.

I was born and raised in Yorkshire, yet I have travelled and lived all over the UK and abroad, I have served a tour of Iraq and two tours of Afghanistan and enjoyed the amazing opportunity service life can offer, such as representing the Army in a tri-service Judo competition held onboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth battleship on the day of the queens 75- year jubilee celebration.

In 2017, my wife and I fell in love with North Yorkshire and we decided not to leave. We bought a modest house in Catterick Garrison to raise our family. As a local man I am passionate about our area and keeping it beautiful and safe for our children and future generations to enjoy.

I endeavour to ‘serve to lead’ the people of this area and will stand up for local issues and the views of the majority across our great country. A logical thinker, who believes in free speech and the right to perceive, I will be an advocate for fairness and common sense, with no interest of being swayed by big donors or making decisions based on self-interest for future roles. In my opinion, there is no place for this in our parliament.

For those who feel as I do and believe that the current parliamentary establishment is no longer fit to deliver for the people, I ask you to spread the word: Every vote for us is a vote for real change. What our country is crying out for, is a party that is innovative, bold, and not afraid to challenge the status quo. A party with backbone. That party is Reform UK.

And so I humbly ask all the great people living in the constituency of Richmond and Northallerton to send me as your messenger.

Richmond and Northallerton Constituency Map

Richmond and Northallerton Constituency Map

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Electorate: 72744


1 Catterick Village & Brompton-on-Swale

2 Great Ayton

3 Hipswell & Colburn

4 Hutton Rudby & Osmotherley

5 Leyburn & Middleham

6 Morton-on-Swale & Appleton Wiske

7 North Richmondshire

8 Northallerton North & Brompton

9 Northallerton South

10 Richmond

11 Romanby

12 Scotton & Lower Wensleydale

13 Stokesley

14 Upper Dales

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