Reform UK London Mayoral Candidate Howard Cox Calls for an Armistice Day Demo Ban

In the light of criminal incitement to violence during various pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the last few days, and the spate of violent attacks around the world launched in support of the Hamas terrorist group, Howard Cox the Reform UK candidate for London Mayor has called on Sadiq Khan, as the man responsible for policing and order in the capital to act.

“As London Mayor, I would not allow any pro-Palestinian protests to take place in London whilst the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues in Gaza. I support Suella Braverman’s opposition to these rallies taking place,” he continued.

“Flying the Palestinian flag in our Capital is needlessly provocative, putting British based Jews in personal danger. The outlawed terrorist group Hamas does not represent law-abiding Muslim communities here in the UK. 

“There is no place here in London for antisemitism or in honouring Hamas’s latest evil terrorist acts in Israel. 

“The police must use the full force of the Public Order Act to counter any visual and public support for Hamas and ongoing efforts to intimidate British Jews and silence the moderate Muslim majority”, said Mr Cox.

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