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Knocking on doors to get signatures for my Nomination Form I was surprised at how vehemently anti-politics some people were: ” I don’t have anything to do with politics”. No time to reply.

However we all need to acknowledge that we can never be free of politics; every decision of central and local government is political.

MPs should be our representatives, making laws that serve the best interests of the population of this country. BUT in recent parliaments there has been a growing tendency for the government, frequently deferring to foreign governments, judges and international organisations, to decide for us what is in our best interest. We all have had plenty of evidence that nobody in power is willing to take advice from us or, indeed, from experts who disagree with their experts.

That is why I am standing for election.

I could not stand it any more and decided that as a candidate I would be able to voice my concerns and the law of the land would preserve my right to do so. MPs should be at the centre of debate, gathering information and opinions and alerting their constituents to proposals coming down the line.

MPs should not just be listening to the most vocal but present ideas and evidence to their constituents and lead an open debate.

This is what I hope to have the opportunity to do and why I have started a Patreon. This is the place where I will write in more detail about what I am reading, what I am seeing and hearing and what I think about it. The facility to ‘post’ and get responses on specific topics should be a great way of learning from the experience and expertise of others.

Not everyone likes to read stuff online so I am also very keen to get information on paper delivered to all constituents. This could be anything from an election leaflet to a call for information or participation. I see this as an important goal far beyond the election. Therefore I am looking to put together a group of volunteers who can distribute information in the streets they choose to adopt. I will be looking to grow awareness of what is being done ‘for our own good’ and encourage people to stand for future elections or support those who do.

If you want to deliver a few leaflets or start the process of forming local groups of supporters please text your name and ward to me on 07957972306. I will check my messages about 3 times a day and call you.

More about me: I have been a partner in business with my husband for over 25 years. We have a small print business, serving mostly small businesses, local organisations and families and therefore I get to speak to people in a wide range of circumstances. I have also worked in laboratories, the Prison Service, telecommunications (including 4 years attending CCITT - the international standards organisation for telecommunications) and I have been a student both on leaving school and as an adult in later life. Over 10 years ago my husband and I both became committed Christians and were baptised.

My interests centre on challenging ‘what we all know”:

* health guidance has been tracked by an ever increasing incidence of ‘diseases of civilisation’; indeed diabetes and its consequences are likely to bankrupt health budgets round the world;
* for the sake of a stable future we need to support families with homes to live in, the power to decide on education, the opportunity to earn money and make their own decisions on spending priorities and health;
* I challenge the fear of climate emergency and the arrogance in thinking that we can decide what the climate does and that centralised decisions are better for our future than local farmers adapting as they see the need.

Peterborough Constituency Map

Peterborough Constituency Map

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Electorate: 72273


1 Bretton

2 Central

3 Dogsthorpe

4 East

5 Eye, Thorney and Newborough

6 Gunthorpe

7 North

8 Park

9 Paston and Walton

10 Ravensthorpe

11 Werrington

12 West

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