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After 13 years in the Royal Navy’s Submarine Service, James became a management consultant in the computer services industry working in many industry sectors helping large government and commercial organisations implement major IT systems.  Since 2001, James has worked as an independent consultant specialising in artificial intelligence and/or Sales and Marketing, sometimes for small and medium enterprises. 

He is the father of two (adult) daughters and one granddaughter and worships at Emmanuel Church, Oxford.   

James has campaigned in two elections for the now discredited Conservative party and campaigned for the Brexit party during the EU referendum. 

In recent years, James has lost confidence in careerist politicians and senior government officials who seem utterly out of touch with Britain’s silent majority.  Only Andrew Bridgen MP seems to have any principles and the courage to hold to them. Tired of voting for the least awful option (since 1997) and seeing no change in policies whatever the outcome of elections, James has decided voters should have a viable alternative to the failed policies of the legacy parties.

At the national level, James is determined to communicate Reform’s policies to all potential constituents and to represent the silent majority and their common sense, if elected. The country urgently needs a robust competitive economy, to control immigration and to fix our broken public services and extravagant public expenditure. 

Closer to home, the Oxfordshire Council’s Local Traffic Neighbourhood policy will be trialled this year; James expects the Council to declare it to be a huge success and implement it across the county immediately. Let the anger of Oxfordshire descend on them all, as this policy has been implemented without proper consultation or the consent of Oxfordshire’s voters. 

It is very important that the next General Election be different and that it delivers real change. To represent you, James needs to know what is on your mind, so please let me know using the email on this page.  It is time for good men and women to make a difference and campaign for reform and thus Reform; if you can help or support with any of the following, please get in touch:

  • Campaign funding – leaflets and electoral deposits are not free! (See Donate Button Below)
  • Raising awareness of Reform – buy a car sticker / badge / display a sign
  • Campaigning around the constituency, (which is not limited to Oxford West and Abingdon)
  • Making contact with community groups / leaders, employers

I am also ready to listen to any specific issues you may wish to raise with me.

Oxford West and Abingdon Constituency Map

Oxford West and Abingdon Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 72004


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