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Rob Howard has lived in Nuneaton for over 20 years. His career background is in Sales and Marketing having started his career with the blue chip company Mars Confectionery, followed over the years by the likes of Dalgety, GKN and Hallmark Cards, eventually aspired to being Managing Director of a £5m business which Rob grew to £10m in 6 years. During his career Rob dealt with almost every high street retailer and opened trading with many of them, resulting in new profit streams for the businesses he was working for at the time.

Since 2004 Rob has been involved in Business Consultancy and formed his own company, which subsequently fell foul of pandemic lockdowns, after 16 years of successful trading. Rob now does some consultancy on a part time basis, although lately his time has very much been taken up with devising a campaign to win the Nuneaton seat for Reform UK.

Rob Howard was born in Coventry and left there at eight years old, but currently lives with his partner of 20 years, Claire, in Nuneaton. Over the years Rob has lived in London, Cambridge, Andover and Wilmslow, so is well travelled and has a good knowledge of different parts of the country. He is the proud father of four children and has three grandsons.

Rob Howard is Captain of the local golf society based in Attleborough, which has helped raised money for two good causes – the Georgies Gift Charity, and the purchase of a defibrillator, which resides in The Fox public house in Attleborough. He is a keen supporter of Coventry City having followed them since he lived in Coventry. His close social circle consider Rob as knowledgeable, intelligent and articulate, well equipped to represent Nuneaton in Westminster, and to pursue the town’s claim on the vital development funds needed to underpin the massive housing developments going on around the town. Rob considers his career and life background have prepared him well to tackle difficult issues, and to stand his ground when necessary.

Rob is extremely concerned that without the funds mentioned above, the town will struggle badly, with insufficient doctors, schools, retail outlets, patchy policing, and inadequate roads.

Ask yourself the question – “Is Nuneaton any better now than it was in 2010 when a Conservative Party MP became the town’s representative?”

Voting for Reform UK, and sending Rob Howard from the town of Nuneaton, into Westminster, it will finally send someone from the people, to represent the people.

Rob has the passion, courage and conviction to turn promises into actuality.


Nuneaton Constituency Map

Nuneaton Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70335


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2 Hartshill

3 Abbey

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5 Attleborough

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7 Camp Hill

8 Galley Common

9 Kingswood

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