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Candidate - Anthony Owens 

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Anthony’s life has been a testament to service and dedication. As a former British soldier, he has faced the rigors of military life with courage and resilience. His transition to a British police constable allowed him to protect and serve on the home front, fostering a safe community for all. Now, as a paramedic, Anthony continues to demonstrate his commitment to public welfare, responding to emergencies with skill and compassion.

Anthony's diverse background has equipped him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by the citizens of Northampton South. His military experience has instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and strategic thinking, while his time in law enforcement has provided him with an intimate understanding of the social issues that affect the area. As a paramedic, he witnesses daily the healthcare struggles of his community.

With this wealth of experience, Anthony is now setting his sights on Parliament, driven by a desire to enact positive change for Northampton South. He aims to leverage his first-hand knowledge to address key issues such as public safety, healthcare accessibility, and veteran affairs. Anthony believes in a proactive approach to community problems, advocating for preventive measures that can deter crime and improve the overall quality of life.

Anthony envisions a Northampton South where every individual can thrive, free from the fear of crime and the burden of inadequate healthcare. His plan includes initiatives to support local businesses, enhance public services, and provide better care for the elderly and veterans.

As a candidate, Anthony embodies the spirit of service that has defined his life. His dedication to Northampton South will be unwavering, and he is committed to being a strong voice for his constituents in Parliament. With a clear vision and a heart for public service, Anthony is poised to make a significant impact on the community he wishes to serve.

Northampton South Constituency Map

Northampton South Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71512


1 Billing and Rectory Farm

2 Delapre and Rushmere

3 Duston East

4 Duston West and St. Crispin

5 East Hunsbury and Shelfleys

6 Nene Valley

7 Riverside Park

8 Sixfields

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