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Having been born and bred in Northampton, Antony Antoniou has witnessed first-hand the changes, mostly for the worse, that has taken a town with a long history, one that played a major role in the civil war, with a busy town centre at its beating heart and slowly suffocated it.

Antony Antoniou stands for democracy in the true sense of the word, something that the members of the arrogant ‘duopoly’ have denied the nation for decades, if not longer.

Antony supports low taxation, opportunity for business, tax incentives to encourage investment to improve deprived areas, a slow and sustainable reduction in emissions. The destructive ‘whip-hand’ of the net-zero agenda is making the poorest suffer the most.

Greater options for education, with far more -work-based study, rather than the blanket recruitment of students, with very little thought for the working career at the end.

As a local councillor, Antony already serves the people in the parish of Kingsthorpe, Northampton, along with all of the work that he does online to advise and support people in his specialist industry, which is property.

“I would like to build on these foundations of goodwill and stand for the people of Northampton North in Parliament, to fight on their behalf, to ensure that their voices are heard, but most of all, in order to do everything I can, to demonstrate to the electorate that there is a better way forward.”

 Reform UK represents the true wishes of the British public, for too long, the minority has dictated to the majority and we intend to do all we can to rectify that.

Northampton North Constituency Map

Northampton North Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75713


1 Abington and Phippsville

2 Boothville and Parklands

3 Castle

4 Dallington Spencer

5 Headlands

6 Kingsthorpe North

7 Kingsthorpe South

8 St. George

9 Talavera

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