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A rare opportunity exists on July the 4th 2024, for the good people of North West Cambridgeshire to help create a seismic shift in our stagnant UK politics. Essentially the choice boils down to; voting for the failing status quo or voting for genuine political change.

Let’s face it, there is barely enough political space between the two major parties to shine a light through. Both are controlled by out-of-touch, career politicians, who believe in high taxes, big government, big debt, globalisation, nanny state regulation and the use of “woke” concepts and scare tactics to further their control over you and your lives. Like me, ordinary people feel neglected, marginalised, betrayed, and without representation. Reform UK will change this!

Political elites pay lip-service to the concerns of the public but prove ineffectual. They throw around the word “reform”, but Reform UK are the only party committed to truly reforming Britain’s broken political and national institutions, and finally start putting the interests and prosperity of normal hardworking British citizens first.

Unlike the political establishment Reform UK believe that the people of this country are not stupid! People have their priorities and know what issues/concerns affect them day-to-day. These should be taken seriously. Britain is broken, and the gas-lighting from the career politicians who have broken it, is no longer working.

I grew up and now reside in a local market town, so understand the problems facing the rural towns and villages of Cambridgeshire. Politicians should run to serve the public, not for career advancement, power, prestige or money. If I were returned to Westminster, I would be there to serve you!

I have already been serving this constituency as a frontline NHS worker in all 3 local hospitals for the past 14 years. The NHS is close to all our hearts and an institution in which we British take great pride. But it is failing! I have intimate experience of the problems of waste, bureaucracy, recruitment, retention, rapidly increasing local populations, expensive procurement, creep of gender ideology and EDI initiatives, PFI’s and mismanaged 3rd party contracts. It needs reform and Reform UK is the only party with a bold enough plan.

Why am I running? I had to think long and hard about whether to stick my head above the parapet, I am by no means an extrovert, I do not crave attention or prestige and there are certainly easier ways to earn money. However, I firmly believe that when life calls you to step up, you must! So I stand by my convictions, shoulder the responsibility and accept this challenge.

When it comes down to it I am a patriotic, British, husband and father of 2 young daughters 8 and 5, and my girls’ futures are everything to me. Parents should prioritise their children above all else and voting citizens should prioritise their country’s children. The direction of Britain now, should concern us all. But a vote for Reform UK is a vote to fix broken Britain! A vote for Reform UK is a vote for all our children’s future!

North West Cambridgeshire Constituency Map

North West Cambridgeshire Constituency map

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Electorate: 73556


1 Barnack

2 Fletton and Stanground

3 Fletton and Woodston

4 Glinton and Castor

5 Hampton Vale

6 Hargate and Hempsted

7 Orton Longueville

8 Orton Waterville

9 Stanground South

10 Wittering

11 Ramsey

12 Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley

13 Yaxley

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