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I am originally from Cyprus, I moved to the UK in 2018 due to the enormous amount of opportunities available. Growing up I have always been very patriotic for Great Britain, fascinated by history and politics concerning the isles and being proud that I can call myself English and British.
I have an in depth understanding of History, Geography and Politics. I am a very strong communicator, always talking, always debating, always standing my ground if people don't agree with what I have to say. But most importantly I am a great listener. I want to hear how people are affected by current government policies and how together we can fix them.

What I care about:

I love my home county of North Somerset with its beautiful countryside and bustling towns. My hometown - Clevedon and it's wonderful, close knit community is one of the most sought after seaside towns in the whole of the UK, it's main attraction is the famous Victorian Marine Lake and Pier. Under this Conservative government we have seen more negative change infiltrating our towns and villages. I joined Reform UK because I strongly believe that if change is going to happen it should be positive. We aren't going to achieve change by waiting for other people to do it, If we want change we need to get involved together to make the changes ourselves.

What I am going to do:

I am going to be a voice for anybody affected not just by local policy but national government policies. For example Clevedon seafront, and Portishead and our surrounding areas are a major attraction which could benefit from investment but taxpayers hard earned money has been wasted on pointless other projects.

North Somerset is a very peaceful and safe place and we want to keep it that way.

We decide when changes need to be made, the council is there for us, it spends our hard earned money and they should be held accountable.
Reform UK will protect our children from woke agendas. From personal experience I know how harmful it is when ideology and politics is brought into school. Critical Race Theory has no place in our schools.

I will be a part of a party whose aim is to bring back common sense into society and focus on critical reform in all areas. Economy, business, immigration, NHS, education, environment, policing, defence and agriculture to name a few.

I will help support my fellow party members in Reform UK to form a government that is responsible, productive and patriotic.
Please support myself and the party and together we can make Britain Great.

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North Somerset constituency map

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Electorate: 73963


1 Backwell

2 Clevedon East

3 Clevedon South

4 Clevedon Walton

5 Clevedon West

6 Clevedon Yeo

7 Gordano Valley

8 Long Ashton

9 Nailsea Golden Valley

10 Nailsea West End

11 Nailsea Yeo

12 Nailsea Youngwood

13 Pill

14 Portishead East

15 Portishead North

16 Portishead South

17 Portishead West

18 Winford

19 Wrington

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