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Jason was born in Bristol in the heart of a spirited, working-class community which he is immensely proud of. Now living in North Norfolk with his wife, Marina and their heavily doted on Labrador, Betty.

Currently a Mechanical Engineer in the oil and gas industry by trade, however, prior to this served in the Royal Navy for over 20 years as a Marine Engineer.

Jason first got involved in politics campaigning for UKIP and subsequently Reform UK, in local elections. 

Prime political beliefs:

  • Jason is passionate about our nation and wants a positive discussion about what we have achieved as opposed to the constant negativity of our failures.
  • Jason is an advocate for democracy which was his driver for leaving the European Union. Now, Jason will argue in favour of Proportional Representation as Britain’s political landscape is antiquated and requires reform. How can UKIP receive the confidence of almost 4 million voters in 2015 but only get one seat and yet, the SNP receive 1.5 million votes, get 56 seats? This simply doesn't make sense in the 21st century. 
  • He is a fervent campaigner for equality and raises concerns with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) which he believes is creating divisions in society and that meritocracy must prevail at all times. Britain eliminated the divisions of employing people based on colour and gender years ago but now it seems, has reverted to that philosophy where he believes, will lead to a precarious situation in the future - equality for all under one law must be our focus.
  • Defence of the realm – our numbers are low in all services to which, the reinvestment of our nations defences is required. The world is going through tumultuous times and Britain is not prepared.

Jason is a good speaker and is keen on standing up in front of the public, highlighting Reform UK’s policies and indeed, entering articulate and levelled debates.

With North Norfolk being declared a dental desert, Jason is keen on ensuring that all its citizens, have easy and affordable dental care available and to eliminate the need for practitioners to leave the area. Jason would launch a campaign to help attract more dentists to our areas. As North Norfolk’s representative, Jason would engage and collaborate with the array of industries locally such as energy, farming and the manufacturing sectors which could help and play a part in the growth of the constituency.

A requirement for more GP's or surgeries, dentists, school places, more police, infrastructure is needed to which, Jason would make the case for in parliament.

Jason loves North Norfolk, its coastline, wildlife, landscapes and its communities. Let’s all shout out about our beautiful district and indeed country and highlight to the world what we have achieved and where we are going.

North Norfolk Constituency Map

North Norfolk Constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 70719


1 Bacton

2 Beeston Regis & The Runtons

3 Briston

4 Coastal

5 Cromer Town

6 Erpingham

7 Gresham

8 Happisburgh

9 Hickling

10 Holt

11 Hoveton & Tunstead

12 Mundesley

13 North Walsham East

14 North Walsham Market Cross

15 North Walsham West

16 Poppyland

17 Priory

18 Roughton

19 St Benet's

20 Sheringham North

21 Sheringham South

22 Stalham

23 Stody

24 Suffield Park

25 Trunch

26 Wells with Holkham

27 Worstead

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