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My name is Andy Dye and I am your Reform Party candidate for North Herefordshire in the forthcoming General Election.

I come from a military, engineering and farming family background. I myself am a former Paratrooper. I am fiercely and unapologetically proud of my country, its history, its culture and its achievements.

I spent 10 years in the Army before my wife and I went to live in Australia for several years returning home in 2013 We have owned and operated an air conditioning company, a window manufacturing business and also renovated several properties.

I have taken on this role with Reform as our national priorities are all wrong and the true interests of the British people clearly do not matter at all to our political class.

These coddled, self-styled “urban elites” indulge their fantasies and luxury beliefs certain of their superiority- the rest of us look on horrified and amazed at their naive stupidity and arrogant entitlement.

People who have never done a hard day’s work like to talk about what they want to do to you when they “get into power”.

I have never done anything but work hard and I do not seek power over others. I wish to serve my constituents, get government out of their way and help facilitate their entrepreneurial spirit. This is how democracy is supposed to work. 

The current rule by cosy Uniparty consensus that our pantomime parliament has degenerated into amounts to taxation without representation.

I believe it is the duty of any society worthy of the name to strive to improve and prosper. To ensure that the elderly are respected and cared for and that young people enjoy greater opportunities than their parents. They should receive a first-class education and be encouraged to think freely, not be indoctrinated. They should be able to own a home, a car, a business, be able to travel and have a family. They should not be forced to lead lesser, meaner lives because of a non-existent climate crisis.

We have given successive governments the finest quality materials to build a prosperous nation with - the ingenuity, creativity and productivity of the British people. 

Instead we have endured the same abysmal governance since 1997.

Given a mandate to reverse the damage done by Labour the Tories have chosen to do the opposite.

For 14 years they have broken and repeatedly betrayed Britain- a return to Labour will utterly destroy it. 

As we slip down global league tables in terms of economic growth, industrial output, military capability, educational standards, health outcomes and crucially GDP per capita - the only figure that really matters to hardworking people- the failure of successive governments is theirs alone.

The Tories have printed and wasted hundreds of billions of pounds causing runaway inflation that is being used as taxation devaluing everything you earn and everything you own.

The only thing they have grown is the size of government and the only things they have invented are new taxes but they have the nerve to tell you there is no room to cut waste.

We have been continually lied to about immigration. Labour began the process of open-door immigration and the Tories have accelerated it to unimaginable levels, quite deliberately, without providing the infrastructure to cope.

Illegal immigration is a separate issue entirely. Not only are the financial and societal costs enormous but ignoring the obvious national security implications amounts to reckless negligence.

The Tories have not only neglected our national security for 14 years they have not taken defence seriously yet now they dare to threaten us with war.

They have drastically reduced the capability of our military, squandered our Defence budget and continued with the imbecilic ideological foreign policies started by Labour. They have even stood by and allowed service personnel to be persecuted for the crime of doing their duty.

They have deliberately destroyed our energy security and decimated our manufacturing and steel production, vital strategic assets, in the name of idiotic Net Zero hamstringing our nation should we wish to rearm and rebuild our military.

Net Zero is not about Green it is about greed. It is scientifically illiterate, environmentally and economically disastrous, the largest wealth transfer in human history and a deliberate act of national self-harm. Agriculture is the next target. Only Reform has the courage to end this abuse and scrap Net Zero.

Sunak and Starmer show their contempt for us by dictating that we can only choose between their two toxic parties. Nowhere else in society is failure continually rewarded, why should it be the case with government?

For people from any of the legacy parties to stand before us now and make election pledges is an insult to our intelligence. They have had their chances; they have betrayed us entirely so how dare they ask us to ever trust them again?

Sitting Tory MPs have not represented your interests while in government, they will absolutely not while in opposition.

A vote for the Tories is a vote utterly wasted.

There is an alternative. Only Reform UK truly believes in Britain.

We have produced a comprehensive contract with the people containing detailed, fully costed policies to enable our nation to reverse course and prosper.

Every single one of these policies is designed to benefit the British people funded by taking £146 billion of your money away from incompetent government and, in the case of our tax cuts, putting it back into your pockets.

We will cut taxes to make work pay, Reform the NHS and attack government waste putting your money back in your pockets.

We will support British Farmers, keep farms in family ownership and we are determined to get as much quality British produce onto our tables as possible.

Only Reform UK will secure Britain’s future as a free, proud and independent sovereign nation.

You will have heard us say that we want our country back. Back from these shameless careerist, globalist politicians who serve only themselves, their parties and their donors.

We are sure you want your country back too so please come and support us, make sure that you vote for us and together we will Make Britain Great Again.

North Herefordshire Constituency Map

North Herefordshire Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70894


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