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Over the past few years, I’ve become very aware of politics in our country and found that none of the choices presented to me reflect the views of most people I know.  The decision the politicians are making affect the future of this country and my children. As a father, I could no longer sit back and leave the decision-making to others.

The media seems to have some misconceptions about what a Reform Party candidate is, so let me introduce my background and beliefs. I was born in Scotland, although have lived in England for 25 years.  I am the son of a teacher who had the hard job of being a single mum in the 80s. I grew up with not very much, which is why I’ve worked hard over the years to be able to provide for my family.  We live in the beautiful, leafy town of Fleet where we are active in our community and our church. 

I even play Father Christmas at my children’s school. My wife is a naturalised immigrant to the UK. I have spent many years working internationally, but I understand the decision to leave the European Union and I wish our elected officials had taken on board the will of the democratic vote and done something with the potential the vote carried.

I’ve lost faith in the major political parties in the UK.  They all appear to want more rules, more regulations and more taxes, while providing less to the citizens of the country.

I’ve watched local businesses suffer due to the excesses of government, and I feel it is my duty to attempt to remedy that.  My community is suffering under the weight of inflation, which was brought on by poor decision-making in government and the lack of any opposition to counter those choices.

This country and its people have many great qualities which our elected leaders have chosen to ignore and diminish. They have instead chosen to sow division within the communities they are supposed to support and represent.

I joined Reform and chose to stand for the party because the party is made up of people who are successful, have professional skills, capabilities and knowledge of the real world and the desire and ability to deliver for the country. Not career politicians who have no real-world experience or connection to their constituents.

Since the last election, Reform has rallied 620 candidates across the country, which shows we can deliver.

Our fully funded “contract with you” offers common-sense solutions and a clear plan for our future.

North East Hampshire Constituency Map

North East Hampshire Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 73306


1 Crookham East

2 Crookham West and Ewshot

3 Fleet Central

4 Fleet East

5 Fleet West

6 Hartley Wintney

7 Hook

8 Odiham

9 Yateley West

10 Basing & Upton Grey

11 Bramley

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