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My name is Andy Egginton 51 years old , I am honoured and privileged to have been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in North East Derbyshire for ReformUK

I have three children all Boys, my eldest is 22 and is a IT infrastructure Technician, My second is 19 and studying for a degree in Mathematics and statistics at Warwick University and my 17 year old will be joining him later this year studying the same Degree.

Why Reform UK why North East Derbyshire and why now?

I stood in local elections for Reform and also as an Agent for other Candidates, The reason I have decided to stand is because I want a future for my Children and i despair at the state of our country and feel that something needs to change now or it will be too late?

I feel the UK is coming to the point of no return and no matter what qualifications my Children achieve I ask myself, where will they be able to use these qualifications?

A brain drain is gathering pace and our doctors/nurses and professionals are being poached by other countries like Canada/Australia and people are selling businesses and moving abroad because they have had enough the NHS in meltdown and police overwhelmed.

I feel this is due to the mis-management of our country by the Tories and Labour Before the (No Money left note left for the Tories) we will be living in a third world country if we allow Labour/Conservatives to continue destroying our country? so i have decided to make a stance and FIGHT to get our country back.

I have always had strong connections with Derbyshire for Example Egginton (surname) is a village in Derbyshire where my family originated from and also been told i am a distant relative of the First MP for North East Derbyshire in 1885 Francis Egerton (Egginton, Eggerton, Egerton) all come from the same name. 

I am a black belt in a few martial arts, train at the gym 5-6 times a week, play football, tennis and covered a few jobs in my career, Electrician, policeman, Inland Revenue, Financial Manager, property.

I also volunteer for people with disability/mental health issues as an Advocate which takes up a lot of time and guide them through legal processes, procedures, housing, ect... Which gives me a good insight into our Failing country and failing system that needs Reform.

Reform UK policies make this task much easier, that and the two woeful socialist parties. The Consocialists who have broken Britain and Labour who will bankrupt Britain and build on greenbelt as per their policy. 

Our low tax, net zero Immigration, cheap energy and zero waiting lists policies make Reform UK the only real alternative choice.

We are the only party who WILL stop illegal immigration, we will reform the public sector, we will scrap the nonsensical net zero policies and we will deal with institutions like the BBC and the out of touch House of Lords.

If you elect me as your Parliamentary Candidate in North East Derbyshire i will always be Open and Honest and consult the constituents on issues before making decisions and my door will always be open and my door will be in the Constituency

North East Derbyshire Constituency Map

North East Derbyshire Constituency Map

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Electorate: 72344


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4 Clay Cross North

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