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I am not a politician or, until recently, had any desire to be in politics. However, having observed the complete and unmitigated mess that our various elected representatives and political parties have made of our once beautiful United Kingdom, I felt that I could no longer just sit on the side lines and complain.

As a brief summary, here is where our country is in 2023:

  • Out of control, illegal migration occurring in the tens of thousands annually which our Government seems unable or unwilling to do anything about. We, the taxpayers, are paying millions of pounds daily to house and sustain these alleged “refugees”. (France, the last point of origin for many claimants, is a safe country)
  • A public healthcare system with a current backlog exceeding 7.4 million patients.
  • Strikes in public sector rivalling those last seen in the 1970’s.
  • Out of control inflation (with no plan from the Bank of England) that is making many citizens of the UK net poorer and unable in some cases to pay for essentials such as accommodation, food and energy.
  • Net zero policies being forced on us that no one voted for. These net zero policies are trickle down policies originating from unelected, global organisations such as the United Nations and World Economic Forum. We are all paying for these “initiatives” via our income tax and via levies imposed as part of our utility bills. We are all certainly getting net poorer for benefits to our environment and world that are questionable at best and very likely economically damaging to current and future generations.
  • The highest taxation burden in 70 years combined with a progressive deterioration in the quality and availability of our vital public services.
  • A general distrust in our political system following various scandals including expenses, “partygate”, inappropriate and sometime illegal activities and so on. Faith in our politicians is perhaps at an all time low.

It is for these reasons together with many more that I feel obliged to pay down my debt to this wonderful country and the opportunities and freedom that it has afforded me over many decades when we had a fairer, more equal society where basic human values such as respect, decency and moral integrity meant something.

Therefore, I stand in North Cornwall - my home as your potential Parliamentary representative and voice for decency, honesty and truth.

North Cornwall Constituency Map

North Cornwall Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75034


1 Bodmin St Mary's and St Leonard

2 Bodmin St Petroc's

3 Bude

4 Camelford and Boscastle

5 Lanivet, Blisland and Bodmin St Lawrence

6 Launceston South

7 Padstow

8 Padstow

9 St Teath and Tintagel

10 Stratton, Kilkhampton and Morwenstow

11 Wadebridge East and St Minver

12 Wadebridge West and St Mabyn

13 Altarnun and Stoke Climsland

14 Launceston North and North Petherwin

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