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My name is Pippa Clayton and I have very strong ties with the North Bedfordshire constituency, having spent my childhood in Moggerhanger, and senior school in Sandy. Followed by nurse training at Bedford General Hospital.

I am not a career politician, having come late into the political world, first standing as a candidate for the local election earlier this year.

However, if you look at Reform UK's Contract on our website, you will quickly realise that we have good policies with regards to Immigration, Education, Housing, and of course for the NHS. 

Therefore, the reason I am standing as a candidate is because I believe that Reform UK are a serious alternative to the established two-party system. 

I believe I will be a good choice, and I want to be a voice for all in North Bedfordshire and represent you fairly and honestly. We are a party for real people. So, on July 4th vote for Reform UK and together we can start to rebuild our Country.

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1 Biggleswade East

2 Biggleswade West

3 Northill

4 Potton

5 Sandy

6 Biddenham

7 Brickhill

8 Bromham

9 Clapham & Oakley

10 Great Barford

11 Great Denham

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13 Harrold

14 Kempston West

15 Renhold & Ravensden

16 Riseley

17 Sharnbrook

18 Shortstown

19 Wootton & Kempston Rural

20 Wyboston

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