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As a member of Reform UK and as a prospective parliamentary candidate, my aim is to fight the Conservative and Labour parties in the coming election. They have both had their chance at improving life for the British people and have both failed miserably. In fact, they have only made things a whole lot worse and shown a flagrant disregard for the will of the people.

If elected, I will listen to and act positively on the concerns of the people of North Bedfordshire, notably, unnecessary housing developments in villages, potholed roads which not only damage vehicles but are extremely dangerous, in particular to cyclists and motor cyclists, especially during night time.  Also, despite government statistics, crime appears to be on the increase in Bedfordshire, especially Burglary and breaking into commercial vehicles. This, of course, is not only a local problem, but crime, including knife crimes, murder and rape are a serious national problem.

As a nation, we have so many issues that need addressing most urgently. I’ve already mentioned serious violent crime, but the justice system as a whole needs total reform, with tougher sentences, as do parole boards. How many times have we heard of serious offenders being released only to commit further heinous crimes. We are constantly told, “lessons will be learned,” they never are! I vow to fight for proper justice and reformation of the entire system, including judges.

The unsustainable influx of immigrants, legal and illegal is unacceptable. We must leave the ECHR with immediate effect and reform the Border Force. No illegal immigrants should ever be allowed to set foot on British soil. They are breaking the law plain and simple and must be stopped.

In conclusion, I will fight for the British people and the British way of life and it’s culture. Wokeism has no place in our society.

North Bedfordshire Constituency Map (Revised Boundaries 2023)

North Bedfordshire Map

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1 Biggleswade East

2 Biggleswade West

3 Northill

4 Potton

5 Sandy

6 Biddenham

7 Brickhill

8 Bromham

9 Clapham & Oakley

10 Great Barford

11 Great Denham

12 Harpur

13 Harrold

14 Kempston West

15 Renhold & Ravensden

16 Riseley

17 Sharnbrook

18 Shortstown

19 Wootton & Kempston Rural

20 Wyboston

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