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Having lived and worked in Newcastle-Under-Lyme for many years, I've witnessed significant changes in the area, not all of which have been positive.

My connection to Newcastle-Under-Lyme began at 16, through the Youth Training Scheme (YTS), where I learned practical skills like wiring a plug. It's a skill often overlooked, but one that served as a foundation for so much more. Despite living elsewhere in the country at various times, my wife and I always found ourselves drawn back to Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Our son lives locally, and granddaughters go to school in Newcastle-under-Lyme, we have many friends and family members who call the area home. I am Staffordshire raised and have a deep passion for the region, its heritage and its people.

Settling in Baldwins Gate, where I currently serve as a parish councillor and Vice Chair for Whitmore, marked my entry into the realm of local politics. Through my experiences, I've come to realise the systemic challenges facing our community. The lack of accountability, transparency, and proactive effort from local government, the Environment Agency and Highways, has been a source of frustration.

Should I be entrusted with the opportunity to represent the people of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, I would be committed to enacting meaningful change, with three key areas as my starting point:

  • Reform of Local Councils
  1. My vision for local councils is rooted in accountability and transparency. I aim to shed light on any misuse of taxpayers' money, ensuring that every penny spent is justified and serves the community's best interests. To achieve this, I would propose regular meetings between portfolio heads, the executive team, where the state of the council and its services can be openly discussed and reviewed.
  2. I advocate for bringing services back to the local level instead of outsourcing them to distant offices. By doing so, we can create more well-paid jobs and regain control over how council funds are allocated, fostering a greater sense of accountability.
  3. I believe in creating avenues for the public to challenge their councils openly, for greater transparency. This will empower communities to voice their concerns and hold their representatives accountable for their actions especially over planning decisions. I am only too aware of the battles myself and many others have had over our green spaces, brownfield sites must always be considered first for development.
  • Reform Quangos – Environment Agency and Highways

The recent actions of the Environment Agency regarding Walley Quarry have been deeply concerning. There is a lack of transparency in the decision making process, and it's imperative that we rectify this by reforming the agency. Similarly, our highways system is in dire need of reform. Potholes, dangerous pavements and malfunctioning traffic lights plague our roads, highlighting the disjointed nature of our current system. By streamlining operations and prioritising local teams we can address these issues effectively.

  • Reform Taxation – Help rejuvenate our Town

Our high street is no longer a place that draws people in to our town centre. We have seen the loss of independent retailers and a steady decline in reasons to visit the town over the years. We need to find ways to encourage independent retails to return, and the footfall increase, to encourage more places to eat and drink. There are some magical images of the past in Iron Market and the market itself, but it is now an eyesore. By reducing business rates and applying a charge to online stores, we can support local businesses and rejuvenate the town centre.

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Newcastle-under-Lyme Constituency Map

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