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As your parliamentary candidate, my aim is to represent the interests of Newbury and its surrounding towns and villages.

Locally, roads are beset with potholes, schools are crowded, GP and dental appointments are scarce, the town centres are struggling, individuals and small businesses are under pressure with the cost of living and ever higher taxes while services are cut back. Water quality is a source of concern.

Nationally, we are still suffering the effects of lockdown, uncontrolled immigration, net zero and green taxes (a choice of both Conservatives and Labour) for which there has been no meaningful national debate. Too many are inactive, in part due to lengthening waiting lists. Politics needs an injection of common sense.

My promise to you is:

  • Listen to your issues and concerns;
  • Follow up with the relevant organisations; and
  • Advocate for change in Parliament.

With 40 years of experience as a qualified accountant, I have supported a range of businesses ranging from start-ups through SMEs to multinational companies and have felt the increasing burden of regulation and rising taxation.

As a family man, I am keenly aware of the shortage of housing for young people and the lottery of support for special needs and the lengths parents need to go to in order to ensure their children are living quality lives.

I love the Newbury area with its dog walks, beautiful countryside and pubs, the racing and other sporting pursuits.

There is a huge opportunity to reinvigorate public services through reduction in waste and increased productivity, but this needs people with a proven track record in execution. So does sorting out the huge immigration levels and financially ruinous net zero agenda. That is why I support Reform. I urge you to vote for Reform in order to change for the better!

Newbury Constituency Map

Newbury Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 71631


1 Chieveley & Cold Ash

2 Downlands

3 Hungerford & Kintbury

4 Lambourn

5 Newbury Central

6 Newbury Clay Hill

7 Newbury Greenham

8 Newbury Speen

9 Newbury Wash Common

10 Thatcham Central

11 Thatcham Colthrop & Crookham

12 Thatcham North East

13 Thatcham West

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